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Multiple Sellers (multiple-sellers)

The booking system is multi-tenanted and provides services to multiple sellers.

It is not possible for Opportunities from different Sellers to be combined in the same Order.

Coverage Status: complete

Test prerequisites

Opportunities that match the following criteria must exist in the booking system (for each configured bookableOpportunityTypesInScope) for the configured primary Seller in order to use useRandomOpportunities: true. Alternatively the following testOpportunityCriteria values must be supported by the test interface of the booking system for useRandomOpportunities: false.

TestOpportunityBookable x6

Running tests for only this feature

npm start -- --runInBand test/features/core/multiple-sellers/

'Implemented' tests

Update default.json within packages/openactive-integration-tests/config/ as follows to enable 'Implemented' testing for this feature:

"implementedFeatures": {
  "multiple-sellers": true,
Identifier Name Description Prerequisites per Opportunity Type
conflicting-seller SellerMismatchError for inconsistent Sellers of OrderItems Runs C1, C2 and B where Sellers of OrderItems do not match and check SellerMismatchError is returned in all cases. TestOpportunityBookable x2
seller-access-restricted-by-auth Credentials for Seller (a) must not provide access to make bookings for Seller (b) Using primary seller auth, make a call to C1, C2, and P/B for the secondary seller, expecting all calls to fail with InvalidAuthorizationDetailsError TestOpportunityBookable x4