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Repository for discussion of the Routes and Routes Metadata aspects of the OpenActive Opportunity model.
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Repo for discussion of the Routes and Routes Metadata aspects of the Modelling Opportunity Data specification.


The Routes specification describes a proposed new type (Route) of Opportunity, as defined by the OpenActive Modelling Opportunity Data 2.1 specification. Its purpose is to describe Routes used for recreational activities e.g. hiking, running, and cycling in sufficient detail to encourage greater use of these Routes.


The 2.1 Opportunity Model is still an Editors Draft: i.e., it is not finalised and is not yet at candidate status. Feedback and comment are actively solicited and encouraged.

Contributing to the Discussion

Participants interested in contributing further to the discussion are encouraged to join the OpenActive W3C community, particularly the mailing list and biweekly calls.

New proposals and discussion related to the Routes specification should be opened as GitHub Issues (i.e., by clicking 'Issues' in the tab menu above, and then the green 'New Issue' button on the resulting page).

Further Information

Routes started life with this proposal Modelling Opportunity Data Issue 108.

Materials related to the W3C calls discussing Routes on the dates below can be found at:

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