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RPDE Validator library, used as a component of
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RPDE Validator

The OpenActive RPDE validator library.

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This library allows developers to validate RPDE feeds against the latest Realtime Paged Data Exchange specification.

Using in your application

This library can be used in your own application, perhaps as part of your CI pipeline.


$ npm install @openactive/rpde-validator


import { RpdeValidator } from '@openactive/rpde-validator';

  url, // The URL of the feed to test
    // A callback that is called for log messages
    // Will be provided with an object that looks like:
    // {
    //   verbosity: 1, // 1-3 (higher is more verbose)
    //   percentage: 50, // The percentage complete
    //   message: '...', // String log message
    // }
    logCallback: (log) => {
    // User agent used by the validator
    // Default: "RPDE_Validator/version (+"
    userAgent: null, 
    // The time in between requests in a feed in milliseconds
    // Default: 0
    requestDelayMs: 1000,
    // The timeout in which to give up on requesting a feed URL
    // Must be non-zero
    // Default: 10000
    timeoutMs: 10000,
    // The number of feed pages to walk through
    // Must be non-zero
    // Default: 20
    pageLimit: 10,


Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd rpde-validator
$ npm install

Running tests

This project uses Jasmine for its tests. All spec files are located alongside the files that they target.

To run tests locally, run:

$ npm test

The test run will also include a run of eslint. To run the tests without these, use:

$ npm run test-no-lint
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