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Australian Countrywide Data

The Geocoded National Address File (referred to as G-NAF) is Australia’s authoritative, geocoded address file.

G-NAF is one of the most ubiquitous and powerful spatial datasets. It contains more than 13 million Australian physical address records. The records include geocodes. These are latitude and longitude map coordinates. G-NAF does not contain personal information.

G-NAF is produced by PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA), an unlisted public company formed by the nine governments of Australia to collate and standardise, format and aggregate location data from each of the jurisdictions into authoritative location based national datasets.

More information at https://data.gov.au/dataset/geocoded-national-address-file-g-naf

Using Docker

gnaf.sh contains a script for caching G-NAF data with gnaf-loader.

Dockerfile contains a Docker process for caching G-NAF. Docker allows for code execution in a controlled environment. On Ubuntu, Docker can be installed with apt-get install docker.io.

# prepare a temporary work directory for Docker
mkdir /tmp/work
chgrp docker /tmp/work
chmod ugo+rwxt /tmp/work

# build docker image
docker build -t au-gnaf .

# run cache, leaving data in work directory
docker run --volume /tmp/work:/work au-gnaf /usr/local/bin/run-cache

# upload contents of cache directory to S3
aws s3 sync --acl public-read /tmp/work/cache s3://data.openaddresses.io/cache