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New Zealand Countrywide Data

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) provides downloadable address data from its data service website at https://data.linz.govt.nz. The file requires a user account to retrieve, so it must be cached using this script.

More information at https://data.linz.govt.nz/layer/779-nz-street-address-electoral/

Using Docker

lds-nz.sh contains a script for caching LDS data. You will need to provide a copy of Street Address (Electoral) data, which can be downloaded from Land Information New Zealand’s website. See Getting Data below.

Dockerfile contains a Docker process for caching data. Docker allows for code execution in a controlled environment. On Ubuntu, Docker can be installed with apt-get install docker.io.

# prepare a temporary work directory for Docker
mkdir /tmp/work
chgrp docker /tmp/work
chmod ugo+rwxt /tmp/work
cp lds-nz-street-address-electoral-SHP.zip /tmp/work/

# build docker image from cache
curl http://data.openaddresses.io/cache/nz/nz-docker-6f346f299.tar.bz2 | bzcat | docker load

# image can alternatively be built the slow way
docker build -t nz-lds .

# run cache, leaving data in work directory
docker run --volume /tmp/work:/work nz-lds /usr/local/bin/run-cache

# upload contents of cache directory to S3
aws s3 sync --acl public-read /tmp/work/cache s3://data.openaddresses.io/cache

Getting Data

  1. Start by finding the Street Address (Electoral) dataset on LINZ Data Service, and select “download” from the drop-down menu:

    Download data

  2. Accept the terms of service and create a download. You will be asked to create an account on the website with your email address:

    Create download

  3. Wait for the downloaded to be created; appears to take ~5 minutes:

    Wait for creation

  4. Download the 91MB address shapefile, lds-nz-street-address-electoral-SHP.zip:

    Get file