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Tennessee Statewide Data

Tennessee statewide address data can be downloaded from OIR - GIS Services via the Tennessee Property Viewer.

More information at http://tnmap.tn.gov

Using Docker

cache.sh contains a script for caching TN data. You will need to provide an ESRI map token, which can be found on the Tennessee Property Viewer website website. See Getting A Token below.

Dockerfile contains a Docker process for caching data. Docker allows for code execution in a controlled environment. On Ubuntu, Docker can be installed with apt-get install docker.io.

# prepare a temporary work directory for Docker
mkdir /tmp/work
chgrp docker /tmp/work
chmod ugo+rwxt /tmp/work

# build docker image from cache
curl http://data.openaddresses.io/cache/us/tn/us-tn-docker-4a3d2f591.tar.bz2 | bzcat | docker load

# image can alternatively be built the slow way
docker build -t us-tn .

# run cache, leaving data in work directory
docker run --volume /tmp/work:/work us-tn /usr/local/bin/run-cache <TOKEN>

# upload contents of cache directory to S3
aws s3 sync --acl public-read /tmp/work/cache s3://data.openaddresses.io/cache

Getting A Token

Visit Tennessee Property Viewer at http://tnmap.tn.gov/assessment/. Open your browser’s debugging console, and type window.token. The value of the token, which is unique to your session and will expire, can be seen at the bottom of this screenshot:

Tennessee Property Viewer