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Anyone can contribute their own ideas, house rules, story ideas, creative skill-sets or artwork to the Open Adventure project. There are many primary and secondary projects under-way that are all under the umbrella of the "Open Adventure" project name.


Git Hub

Before you begin, you should take a few moments and familiarize yourself with how Git Hub works. In particular you will need to know:

For help installing Git, click here.

Understanding OA

You'll need to download and read the Open Adventure rulebooks, as to familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of the game.

  1. Download the Basic Rulebook - Navigate to the following address: and click the button labeled raw in the upper-right corner of the document. This will invoke a download prompt. Choose a location to download the PDF rulebook.

  2. Open & Read the Basic Rulebook - Familiarize yourself with the base game mechanics. If you have any questions or need help, see our contact page.

Development Requirements

To get started, you'll need a few things first:

  1. Download LibreOffice or Open Office - The master document for OA is written using an open source office suit known as LibeOffice. An alternative office suit, which was developed with the same code base as LO, known as Open Office, can be used instead. To download either office suite, navigate to the following address:

    LibreOffice 5+:

    Open Office 4.1.1+:

  2. Install the downloaded office suit - If you need help, follow the installation instructions below:


    Open Office:

  3. Download ODT Files - ODT files are open document files that house the entire contents of a rulebook. Similar to Microsoft word files, the files contain all the text, tables, images and formatting data needed to open and edit the rulebooks. There are a number of ODT files (one for each rulebook). Decide which rulebook you wish to contribute to, then download its corresponding ODT file.

    Basic, Intermediate, Expert, Master or Game Master's Rulebook:

    Pocket Quest:

  4. Install Special Fonts - Special fonts are used in Open Adventure to provide a unique style and look. In order for the ODT files to open properly and the formatting to display correctly, you'll need to install a number of fonts which are used throughout the OA game.

    Download Fonts:

  5. Open the ODT File - Your system is now setup and ready to begin editing the Open Adventure ODT files. Start by invoking an instance of the LibreOffice or Open Office application, then click File > Open. A file explorer prompt will appear asking you which file you would like to open in the application. Navigate your file system until you've located and selected the desired ODT file. Click open.

Design Methodologies & Guidelines

Now that you're working with a master file of the OA game, you'll need to familiarize yourself with some of the standards in place. Follow these methodologies whenever possible as to best preserve the consistency and continuity of the game's design.

Font Guidelines

  • Body Text - The majority of the text should be rendered with the Souvenir typeface at a size of 10pt.
  • OA Title - The main Open Adventure title should only be rendered in the Crusades, Ranger or Black Castle typefaces. The titles should be large enough to be legible.

Open Adventure Logo


Game Features

Game Rules & Mechanics

  • Character Creation
  • Primary Traits
  • Secondary Traits
  • Equipment & Services
  • Adventure Rules
  • Spells & Psionics
  • Combat
  • Creatures & NPCS
  • RPGs & Adventure Games


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