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Open Adventure - Pocket Quest pocket quest logo

The revolutionary Open Adventure rules condensed into a single sheet of paper (printed duplex). The entire game (including equipment, magic, game master rules, etc.) can be played with six sheets of rules total. Pocket Quest aims to allow for OA to be played when few resources, time or rules are available.

pocket quest

Features and Philosophy

Pocket Quest is a simple role-playing game that can be played any number of players for ages 10 and up. The simple rules allow for Game Masters incredible flexibility in how they create and run their very own adventure!

Specifically made for times when resources are low, PQ is perfect for when you want to play an adventure game with your friends but you don't have much time, dice, rules etc. to play a game. Perfect for new players, children and gaming on the go! With a quick read or explanation of the rules, you and your friends and family are read to explore the limitless world of fantasy or science-fiction.

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The files listed here are divided into different sections. The primary section, labeled "rules", is where the all of the game rules can be found. Additional PQ-related products also exist to expand or augment the Pocket Quest game. The project files are:

  • Rules - Contains six documents, with each document a double-sided print-and-play sheets of rules, including Player Character Rules, Equipment, Magic & Psionics, Game Master Rules, Enemy NPCs, Treasures & Technology, Adventure Rules Expansion. Also check out the 8-Bit Adventures expansion.
  • 8-Bit Adventures - A Simple Text Adventure Game (STAG) built completly off the Pocket Quest ruleset. 8BA uses a series of text files saved on your computer system to play a game similair to MUD mixed with a Choose Your Own Adventure, Roleplaying Game and Adventure Game elements. Played in a retro style.

Most, if not all, of these files are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 or 4.0 license.

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We have an active community of players discussing every aspect of Pocket Quest. Join us on:


Pocket Quest is an open source, free-to-play RPG system that is similar in play-style as B/X but can play both fantasy and sci-fi games (anywhere from LOTR or D&D to Star Wars or Star Trek).

We want to re-light the lost flame of old school gaming in a new way. Instead of recreating a wheel that's already been made, we have set out to bring modern day techniques and mechanics to the games of old. Help discuss and develop the game by offering your own ideas, art and homemade rules. Together, we can all create a game we love to play!

If this project has captured your imagination, or you find yourself wanting to know more, then we suggest you continue by reading the Introduction page, which details an overview of what OA is, what it stands for and what software and expertise you'll need to start contributing today!

The official website can be visited at:


A simple adventure game based off the popular Open Adventure game system.




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