Framework for syncing volumes across AFS cells
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CellCC ("cell carbon-copy") is a set of tools and daemons to help you
synchronize volumes between AFS cells. AFS is a distributed network filesystem;
more information on AFS can be found on <>.

Why would you want to synchronize volumes between AFS cells? A single
organization may have multiple AFS cells under its control for any number of
reasons, including:

 - Compartmentalizing AFS traffic or failures
 - Raising the max number of RO sites
 - Delegating cell maintenance duties

If you have such a setup, you may wish to release a volume to multiple cells.
For example, you may wish to access an application in AFS from any one of the
local cells in that organization, without needing to access any of the other
"remote" cells.

CellCC can act as an extended "vos release" in such setups. CellCC synchronizes
volumes from a "source" AFS cell to a number of "destination" AFS cells,
relying on plain "vos release" to synchronize volumes within a single AFS cell.
CellCC also attempts to be robust against failures, allowing for automatic
retries of idempotent operations and is capable of detailed status reporting.

CellCC is primarily written in Perl; it uses remctl commands and a SQL database
for network communication.

CellCC is released under the terms of the ISC License. Details on the licensing
terms are in the LICENSE file in this directory, as well as in the comments at
the beginning of most source files.

See INSTALL for information about installing and getting started with CellCC.