If you are curious.

Train a Cartpole agent and watch it play once it converges!

Here's a list of commands to run to quickly get a working example:

# Train model and save the results to cartpole_model.pkl
python -m --alg=deepq --env=CartPole-v0 --save_path=./cartpole_model.pkl --num_timesteps=1e5
# Load the model saved in cartpole_model.pkl and visualize the learned policy
python -m --alg=deepq --env=CartPole-v0 --load_path=./cartpole_model.pkl --num_timesteps=0 --play

If you wish to apply DQN to solve a problem.

Check out our simple agent trained with one stop shop deepq.learn function.

In particular notice that once deepq.learn finishes training it returns act function which can be used to select actions in the environment. Once trained you can easily save it and load at later time. Complimentary file loads and visualizes the learned policy.

If you wish to experiment with the algorithm

Check out the examples
python -m --alg=deepq --env=PongNoFrameskip-v4 

to train on Atari Pong (see more in repo-wide