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Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (GAIL)

For results benchmarking on MuJoCo, please navigate to here

If you want to train an imitation learning agent

Step 1: Download expert data

Download the expert data into ./data, download link

Step 2: Run GAIL

Run with single thread:

python -m baselines.gail.run_mujoco

Run with multiple threads:

mpirun -np 16 python -m baselines.gail.run_mujoco

See help (-h) for more options.

In case you want to run Behavior Cloning (BC)

python -m baselines.gail.behavior_clone

See help (-h) for more options.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


  • Yuan-Hong Liao, andrewliao11_at_gmail_dot_com
  • Ryan Julian, ryanjulian_at_gmail_dot_com


Thanks to the open source:

  • @openai/imitation
  • @carpedm20/deep-rl-tensorflow