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pzhokhov mpi-less baselines (#689)
* make baselines run without mpi wip

* squash-merged latest master

* further removing MPI references where unnecessary

* more MPI removal

* syntax and flake8

* MpiAdam becomes regular Adam if Mpi not present

* autopep8

* add assertion to test in mpi_adam; fix trpo_mpi failure without MPI on cartpole

* mpiless ddpg
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  • Original paper:
  • Baselines blog post
  • mpirun -np 16 python -m --alg=trpo_mpi --env=PongNoFrameskip-v4 runs the algorithm for 40M frames = 10M timesteps on an Atari Pong. See help (-h) for more options.
  • python -m --alg=trpo_mpi --env=Ant-v2 --num_timesteps=1e6 runs the algorithm for 1M timesteps on a Mujoco Ant environment.
  • also refer to the repo-wide