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import sys
from contextlib import closing
import numpy as np
from six import StringIO, b
from gym import utils
from gym.envs.toy_text import discrete
LEFT = 0
DOWN = 1
UP = 3
MAPS = {
"4x4": [
"8x8": [
def generate_random_map(size=8, p=0.8):
"""Generates a random valid map (one that has a path from start to goal)
:param size: size of each side of the grid
:param p: probability that a tile is frozen
valid = False
# BFS to check that it's a valid path.
def is_valid(arr, r=0, c=0):
if arr[r][c] == 'G':
return True
tmp = arr[r][c]
arr[r][c] = "#"
# Recursively check in all four directions.
directions = [(1, 0), (0, 1), (-1, 0), (0, -1)]
for x, y in directions:
r_new = r + x
c_new = c + y
if r_new < 0 or r_new >= size or c_new < 0 or c_new >= size:
if arr[r_new][c_new] not in '#H':
if is_valid(arr, r_new, c_new):
arr[r][c] = tmp
return True
arr[r][c] = tmp
return False
while not valid:
p = min(1, p)
res = np.random.choice(['F', 'H'], (size, size), p=[p, 1-p])
res[0][0] = 'S'
res[-1][-1] = 'G'
valid = is_valid(res)
return ["".join(x) for x in res]
class FrozenLakeEnv(discrete.DiscreteEnv):
Winter is here. You and your friends were tossing around a frisbee at the park
when you made a wild throw that left the frisbee out in the middle of the lake.
The water is mostly frozen, but there are a few holes where the ice has melted.
If you step into one of those holes, you'll fall into the freezing water.
At this time, there's an international frisbee shortage, so it's absolutely imperative that
you navigate across the lake and retrieve the disc.
However, the ice is slippery, so you won't always move in the direction you intend.
The surface is described using a grid like the following
S : starting point, safe
F : frozen surface, safe
H : hole, fall to your doom
G : goal, where the frisbee is located
The episode ends when you reach the goal or fall in a hole.
You receive a reward of 1 if you reach the goal, and zero otherwise.
metadata = {'render.modes': ['human', 'ansi']}
def __init__(self, desc=None, map_name="4x4",is_slippery=True):
if desc is None and map_name is None:
desc = generate_random_map()
elif desc is None:
desc = MAPS[map_name]
self.desc = desc = np.asarray(desc,dtype='c')
self.nrow, self.ncol = nrow, ncol = desc.shape
self.reward_range = (0, 1)
nA = 4
nS = nrow * ncol
isd = np.array(desc == b'S').astype('float64').ravel()
isd /= isd.sum()
P = {s : {a : [] for a in range(nA)} for s in range(nS)}
def to_s(row, col):
return row*ncol + col
def inc(row, col, a):
if a == LEFT:
col = max(col-1,0)
elif a == DOWN:
row = min(row+1,nrow-1)
elif a == RIGHT:
col = min(col+1,ncol-1)
elif a == UP:
row = max(row-1,0)
return (row, col)
for row in range(nrow):
for col in range(ncol):
s = to_s(row, col)
for a in range(4):
li = P[s][a]
letter = desc[row, col]
if letter in b'GH':
li.append((1.0, s, 0, True))
if is_slippery:
for b in [(a-1)%4, a, (a+1)%4]:
newrow, newcol = inc(row, col, b)
newstate = to_s(newrow, newcol)
newletter = desc[newrow, newcol]
done = bytes(newletter) in b'GH'
rew = float(newletter == b'G')
li.append((1.0/3.0, newstate, rew, done))
newrow, newcol = inc(row, col, a)
newstate = to_s(newrow, newcol)
newletter = desc[newrow, newcol]
done = bytes(newletter) in b'GH'
rew = float(newletter == b'G')
li.append((1.0, newstate, rew, done))
super(FrozenLakeEnv, self).__init__(nS, nA, P, isd)
def render(self, mode='human'):
outfile = StringIO() if mode == 'ansi' else sys.stdout
row, col = self.s // self.ncol, self.s % self.ncol
desc = self.desc.tolist()
desc = [[c.decode('utf-8') for c in line] for line in desc]
desc[row][col] = utils.colorize(desc[row][col], "red", highlight=True)
if self.lastaction is not None:
outfile.write(" ({})\n".format(["Left","Down","Right","Up"][self.lastaction]))
outfile.write("\n".join(''.join(line) for line in desc)+"\n")
if mode != 'human':
with closing(outfile):
return outfile.getvalue()
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