pzhokhov travis build and test failure fixes (#1031)
* build test image from scratch from ubuntu:16.04

* removed pulling old image from .travis.yml

* try installing keyboard-configuration on docker on travis

* trying install keyboard-configuration before rest of the packages

* upgrading dockerfile and entrypoint to work with ubuntu16.04

* fixing dummy display config wip

* install keyboard-properties first in dockerfile

* pass mujoco_key in .travis.yml

* skipsdist in tox.ini

* removed unpacking of the mujoco bundle in entrypoint

* using xvfb for fake display

* comment out self.viewer.close

* install ffmpeg

* squash run commands in dockerfile

* fixed typo in dockerfile

* fixed typo in dockerfile

* fixed typo in dockerfile

* use self.np_random in robotics/hand/manipulate

* some cleanups in .travis.yml

* cleaning up accidental changes

* cleaning up accidental changes

* inject mujoco key on runtime (instead of container buildtime)

* remove webhooks section from .travis.yml
Latest commit 74229c8 May 15, 2018


Robotics environments

Details and documentation on these robotics environments are available in our blog post, the accompanying technical report, and the Gym website.

If you use these environments, please cite the following paper:

  Author = {Matthias Plappert and Marcin Andrychowicz and Alex Ray and Bob McGrew and Bowen Baker and Glenn Powell and Jonas Schneider and Josh Tobin and Maciek Chociej and Peter Welinder and Vikash Kumar and Wojciech Zaremba},
  Title = {Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning: Challenging Robotics Environments and Request for Research},
  Year = {2018},
  Eprint = {arXiv:1802.09464},

Fetch environments

FetchReach-v0: Fetch has to move its end-effector to the desired goal position.

FetchSlide-v0: Fetch has to hit a puck across a long table such that it slides and comes to rest on the desired goal.

FetchPush-v0: Fetch has to move a box by pushing it until it reaches a desired goal position.

FetchPickAndPlace-v0: Fetch has to pick up a box from a table using its gripper and move it to a desired goal above the table.

Shadow Dexterous Hand environments

HandReach-v0: ShadowHand has to reach with its thumb and a selected finger until they meet at a desired goal position above the palm.

HandManipulateBlock-v0: ShadowHand has to manipulate a block until it achieves a desired goal position and rotation.

HandManipulateEgg-v0: ShadowHand has to manipulate an egg until it achieves a desired goal position and rotation.

HandManipulatePen-v0: ShadowHand has to manipulate a pen until it achieves a desired goal position and rotation.