joschu Cleanup, removal of unmaintained code (#836)
* add dtype to Box

* remove board_game, debugging, safety, parameter_tuning environments

* massive set of breaking changes
- remove python logging module
- _step, _reset, _seed, _close => non underscored method
- remove benchmark and scoring folder

* Improve render("human"), now resizable, closable window.

* get rid of default step and reset in wrappers, so it doesn’t silently fail for people with underscore methods

* CubeCrash unit test environment

* followup fixes

* MemorizeDigits unit test envrionment

* refactored spaces a bit
fixed indentation
disabled test_env_semantics

* fix unit tests

* fixes

* CubeCrash, MemorizeDigits tested

* gym backwards compatibility patch

* gym backwards compatibility, followup fixes

* changelist, add spaces to main namespaces

* undo_logger_setup for backwards compat

* remove
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