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A batch-optimized scaling manager for Kubernetes
Python Dockerfile
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autoscaler Update DaemonSet detection to work with Kube 1.10 Aug 28, 2018
data Add support for Azure ND-series May 30, 2018
docs Add diagram to docs (#17) Jan 19, 2017
.gitignore Update .gitignore Apr 30, 2018
.travis.yml Fix Docker build Apr 21, 2017 adding brian to contributors Nov 7, 2016
LICENSE Initial release Aug 30, 2016 update README with repo status Jun 7, 2019
autoscaler-dep.yaml Refactored to latest version of pykube 0.15.0 (#33) Apr 12, 2017
autoscaler-secret.yaml Refactored to latest version of pykube 0.15.0 (#33) Apr 12, 2017 should be a flag May 21, 2018
production-requirements.txt Add flag to control under utilized node threshold and disable by default Apr 30, 2018
requirements.txt Set appropriate version constraint for moto library May 24, 2017
scaling-controller.yaml add find_packages() to (#21) Feb 17, 2017

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kubernetes-ec2-autoscaler was a node-level autoscaler for Kubernetes on AWS EC2 designed for batch jobs.

We recommend looking at the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler.

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