Code for a single pixel debate game from the paper "AI safety via debate"
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Status: Archive (code is provided as-is, no updates expected)

Single pixel debate game

Code for the debate game hosted at Go there for game instructions or to play it. For more details and motivation, see the blog post or paper.

The website is hosted on Firebase. It's MIT licensed, so feel free to clone and tweak, though you'll have to make your own Firebase project in order to run a copy. PRs to make that easier are welcome!

The image search feature uses a Flickr API key. If you want to host a copy of the site, you'll need to get your own key or use a different mechanism to pick images.


npm install
npm run dev
open http://localhost:3000


npm run fb login
npm run deploy

Firebase database

We use a Firebase Realtime Database to manage games. The ground truth schema is only stored in Firebase, but see for a copy. Please file an issue if that file appears to be out of date.