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This is a collection of human demonstrations of gym-retro games in BK2 format. Right now it consists only of a single demonstration for each level of the Sonic Benchmark used by the Retro Contest. These recordings can be used to have the agent start playing from random points sampled from the course of each level, exposing the agent to a lot of areas it may not have seen if it only started from the beginning of the level.

To convert a movie to a video:

python -m retro.scripts.playback_movie human/SonicAndKnuckles3-Genesis/contest/SonicAndKnuckles3-Genesis-AngelIslandZone.Act1-0000.bk2
open human/SonicAndKnuckles3-Genesis/contest/SonicAndKnuckles3-Genesis-AngelIslandZone.Act1-0000.mp4

To get states from a movie, run

python -m

For convenience, we have included statistics on the movies already included in this repo.

To record your own movie (assuming you have gym-retro installed):

pip install pyglet
python --game SonicAndKnuckles3CustomKevin-Genesis --scenario contest --state MushroomHillZone.Custom

Hit R or Left Bumper if you're using an Xbox controller to rewind time by a short amount.

When you hit ESC or the center Xbox button on the controller, the episode will be recorded to a file (it is not recorded until this point).