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ffc4a51 Jul 17, 2017
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from roboschool.gym_forward_walker import RoboschoolForwardWalker
from roboschool.gym_urdf_robot_env import RoboschoolUrdfEnv
from roboschool.scene_abstract import cpp_household
from roboschool.scene_stadium import SinglePlayerStadiumScene
import numpy as np
class RoboschoolAtlasForwardWalk(RoboschoolForwardWalker, RoboschoolUrdfEnv):
random_yaw = False
foot_list = ["r_foot", "l_foot"]
def __init__(self):
RoboschoolForwardWalker.__init__(self, power=0.30)
action_dim=30, obs_dim=70,
def create_single_player_scene(self):
return SinglePlayerStadiumScene(gravity=9.8, timestep=0.0165/8, frame_skip=8) # 8 instead of 4 here
def alive_bonus(self, z, pitch):
# This is debug code to fix unwanted self-collisions:
#for part in
# contact_names = set( for x in part.contact_list())
# if contact_names:
# print("CONTACT OF '%s' WITH '%s'" % (, ",".join(contact_names)) )
x,y,z = self.head.pose().xyz()
# Failure mode: robot doesn't bend knees, tries to walk using hips.
# We fix that by a bit of reward engineering.
knees = np.array([j.current_relative_position() for j in [self.jdict["l_leg_kny"], self.jdict["r_leg_kny"]]], dtype=np.float32).flatten()
knees_at_limit = np.count_nonzero(np.abs(knees[0::2]) > 0.99)
return +4-knees_at_limit if z > 1.3 else -1
def robot_specific_reset(self):
self.set_initial_orientation(yaw_center=0, yaw_random_spread=np.pi)
self.head =["head"]
random_yaw = False
def set_initial_orientation(self, yaw_center, yaw_random_spread):
cpose = cpp_household.Pose()
if not self.random_yaw:
yaw = yaw_center
yaw = yaw_center + self.np_random.uniform(low=-yaw_random_spread, high=yaw_random_spread)
cpose.set_xyz(self.start_pos_x, self.start_pos_y, self.start_pos_z + 1.0)
cpose.set_rpy(0, 0, yaw) # just face random direction, but stay straight otherwise
self.cpp_robot.set_pose_and_speed(cpose, 0,0,0)
self.initial_z = 1.5