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MPI Tools

Core MPI Utilities

.. automodule:: spinup.utils.mpi_tools

MPI + PyTorch Utilities

spinup.utils.mpi_pytorch contains a few tools to make it easy to do data-parallel PyTorch optimization across MPI processes. The two main ingredients are syncing parameters and averaging gradients before they are used by the adaptive optimizer. Also there's a hacky fix for a problem where the PyTorch instance in each separate process tries to get too many threads, and they start to clobber each other.

The pattern for using these tools looks something like this:

  1. At the beginning of the training script, call setup_pytorch_for_mpi(). (Avoids clobbering problem.)
  2. After you've constructed a PyTorch module, call sync_params(module).
  3. Then, during gradient descent, call mpi_avg_grads after the backward pass, like so:
loss = compute_loss(module)
mpi_avg_grads(module)   # averages gradient buffers across MPI processes!
.. automodule:: spinup.utils.mpi_pytorch

MPI + Tensorflow Utilities

The spinup.utils.mpi_tf contains a a few tools to make it easy to use the AdamOptimizer across many MPI processes. This is a bit hacky---if you're looking for something more sophisticated and general-purpose, consider horovod.

.. automodule:: spinup.utils.mpi_tf