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A collection of libraries for Apple's AirPlay protocol. The Java library also requires JMDNS if you want to support searching/bonjour auto discovery.


The library can be used by another application, but it can also be used for some basic tasks from the command line or directly (by double clicking): Send a photo:

php airplay.php -h hostname[:port] -p file
java -jar airplay.jar -h hostname[:port] [-a password] -p file

Stream desktop:

php airplay.php -h hostname[:port] -d (mac only)
java -jar airplay.jar -h hostname[:port] [-a password] -d

Stream desktop - GUI dialog for selecting available apple tvs (bonjour discovery) and resolution:

java -jar airplay.jar

Servers (Receivers)

Name Description Open Source Mirroring
AirServer The best app for turning your Mac into an AirPlay screen -
Reflector Turn your Mac or PC into an AirPlay screen -
Banana TV Another app to turn your Mac into and AirPlay screen - -
Casual Share Mac AirPlay receiever -
AirMac Turns you Macintosh into an Airplay receiver (Objective C) -
Airstream Media Player C# based AirPlay screen for windows and AirPlay server source code -
Play2Wifi An AirPlay server written in Python -
Totem Plugin AirPlay Plugin enabling AirPlay video playback in the Totem media player (Python) -
Slave in the Magic Mirror Open source implementation of AirPlay Mirroring.

Clients (Senders)

Name Description Open Source
Beamer Send any video to an AppleTV -
AirParrot Send the screen of your Mac to an AppleTV (AirPlay Mirroring) -
Erica's Air Play Utilities A collection of Mac utilities for streaming video and photos -
doubleTwist AirSync Stream music/videos from your Android phone over AirPlay -
AP4J Java AirPlay video client
PascalWAirplayer A Python based library
elcuervo/airplay Airplay bindings to Ruby
xmms2-plugin-airplay Debian AirPlay library
AirPlay NMW AirPlay plugin for Network Media Tank written in C
AirMyPC AirMyPC Windows AirPlay mirroring client -


  • Stream DVDs - Stream DVD's from a Mac using Erica's AirFlick and VLC
  • Stream Desktop - Stream your Mac's desktop using Erica's AirFlick and VLC (Audio not supported due to limitations in VLC)
  • lifehacker - Make your entire home AirPlay compatible