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fs = require 'fs'
{print} = require 'util'
{exec} = require 'child_process'
FFI = require 'node-ffi'
libc = new FFI.Library(null, "system": ["int32", ["string"]])
run = libc.system
COFFEE = "`npm bin`/coffee"
UGLIFY_JS = "`npm bin`/uglifyjs"
UGLIFY_CSS = "`npm bin`/uglifycss"
CORE = [ 'extensions'
, 'console'
, 'class'
, 'range'
, 'annotator'
, 'widget'
, 'editor'
, 'viewer'
, 'notification'
PLUGINS = [ 'tags'
, 'auth'
, 'store'
, 'filter'
, 'markdown'
, 'unsupported'
, 'permissions'
, 'annotateitpermissions'
BOOKMARKLET_PATH = 'contrib/bookmarklet'
BOOKMARKLET_PLUGINS = ['auth', 'store', 'permissions', 'annotateitpermissions', 'unsupported', 'tags']
task 'watch', 'Run development source watcher', ->
run "#{COFFEE} --watch --bare --compile --output #{__dirname}/lib #{__dirname}/src"
task "serve", "Serve the current directory", ->
run "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000"
task "test", "Open the test suite in the browser", ->
run "open http://localhost:8000/test/runner.html"
task "test:phantom", "Open the test suite in the browser", ->
run "phantomjs test/ http://localhost:8000/test/runner.html"
option "", "--no-minify", "Do not minify built scripts with `cake package`"
task 'package', 'Build the packaged annotator', ->
invoke 'package:core'
invoke 'package:plugins'
invoke 'package:css'
task 'package:core', 'Build pkg/annotator.min.js', (options) ->
packager.build_coffee util.src_files(CORE), !options['no-minify'], (output) ->
fs.writeFile 'pkg/annotator.min.js', output
task 'package:css', 'Build pkg/annotator.min.css', (options) ->
packager.build_css ['css/annotator.css'], !options['no-minify'], (output) ->
fs.writeFile 'pkg/annotator.min.css', output
task 'package:plugins', 'Build pkg/annotator.<plugin_name>.min.js for all plugins', (options) ->
make_callback = (pname) ->
(output) -> fs.writeFile "pkg/annotator.#{pname}.min.js", output
for p in PLUGINS
packager.build_coffee util.src_files([p], 'plugin/'), !options['no-minify'], make_callback(p)
task 'package:kitchensink', 'Build pkg/annotator-full.min.js with Annotator and all plugins', (options) ->
plugins = PLUGINS.concat ['kitchensink']
files = util.src_files(CORE).concat(util.src_files(plugins, 'plugin/'))
packager.build_coffee files, !options['no-minify'], (output) ->
fs.writeFile 'pkg/annotator-full.min.js', output
task 'package:clean', 'Clean package files', ->
fs.unlink "pkg/annotator.min.css"
fs.unlink "pkg/annotator.min.js"
fs.unlink "pkg/annotator-full.min.js"
for p in PLUGINS
fs.unlink "pkg/annotator.#{p}.min.js"
option '-c', '--no-config', 'Do not embed config file'
task 'bookmarklet:prereqs', 'Compile the annotator for the bookmarklet', (options) ->
files = util.src_files(CORE).concat(util.src_files(BOOKMARKLET_PLUGINS, 'plugin/'))
packager.build_coffee files, !options['no-minify'], (output) ->
fs.writeFile bookmarklet.annotator_js, output
packager.build_css ['css/annotator.css'], !options['no-minify'], (css) ->
css = css.replace(/(image\/png)?;|\}/g, (_, m) ->
return _ if m == 'image/png'
'!important' + _
fs.writeFile bookmarklet.annotator_css, css
task 'bookmarklet:build', 'Output bookmarklet source', (options) -> !options['no-config'], !options['no-minify'], (output) -> print(output)
task 'bookmarklet:build_demo', 'Create the bookmarklet demo files', ->
invoke 'bookmarklet:prereqs'
html = fs.readFileSync(bookmarklet.tpl, 'utf8') true, (source) ->
html = html.replace '__bookmarklet__', source.replace(/\$/g, '$$$$').replace(/"/g, '&quot;')
fs.writeFile bookmarklet.demo, html
console.log "Updated #{bookmarklet.demo}"
task 'bookmarklet:build_testrunner', 'Update bookmarklet test runner', ->
invoke 'bookmarklet:prereqs'
html = fs.readFileSync(bookmarklet.test_tpl, 'utf8') false, (source) ->
html = html.replace '__bookmarklet__', source
fs.writeFile bookmarklet.test_runner, html
console.log "Updated #{bookmarklet.test_runner}"
task 'bookmarklet:watch', 'Watch the bookmarklet source for changes', ->
options = {persistent: true, interval: 500}
invoke 'bookmarklet:build_demo'
console.log "Watching #{bookmarklet.source} for changes:"
fs.watchFile bookmarklet.source, options, (curr, prev) ->
return if curr.size is prev.size and curr.mtime.getTime() is prev.mtime.getTime()
invoke 'bookmarklet:build_demo'
task 'bookmarklet:upload', 'Upload bookmarklet source files to S3', ->
invoke 'bookmarklet:prereqs'
console.log("Uploading bookmarklet source files."
"Don't expect this to work unless you have `s3cmd` and have configured it"
"for access to the OKF's S3 account.")
run "s3cmd --acl-public sync contrib/bookmarklet/pkg/*.{js,css} s3://"
task 'i18n:update', 'Update the annotator.pot template', ->
fileList = []
fileList = fileList.concat util.lib_files(CORE)
fileList = fileList.concat util.lib_files(PLUGINS, 'plugin/')
run "xgettext -Lpython -olocale/annotator.pot -k_t -kgettext #{fileList.join(" ")}"
# Packager
packager =
build_coffee: (src, minify=true, callback=(->)) ->
min = if minify then UGLIFY_JS else 'cat'
cmd = "cat #{src.join ' '} | #{COFFEE} --stdio --print | #{min}"
exec cmd, (e, stdout, stderr) ->
throw e if e
build_css: (src, minify=true, callback=(->)) ->
min = if minify then UGLIFY_CSS else 'cat'
cmd = "#{min} #{src.join ' '}"
exec cmd, (e, stdout, stderr) ->
throw e if e
data_uri_ify: (css) ->
# NB: path to image is "src/..." because the CSS urls start with "../img"
b64_str = (name) -> fs.readFileSync("src/#{name}.png").toString('base64')
b64_url = (m...) -> "url('data:image/png;base64,#{b64_str(m[2])}')"
return css.replace(/(url\(([^)]+)\.png\))/g, b64_url)
# Bookmarklet Tasks
bookmarklet =
annotator_js: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/pkg/annotator.min.js"
annotator_css: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/pkg/annotator.min.css"
source: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/src/bookmarklet.js"
config: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/config.json"
tpl: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/template.html"
demo: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/demo.html"
test_tpl: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/test/template.html"
test_runner: "#{BOOKMARKLET_PATH}/test/runner.html"
# Create the bookmarklet
build: (embedConfig, minify, callback) ->
source = fs.readFileSync(bookmarklet.source, 'utf8')
if arguments.length == 1
callback = embedConfig
else if embedConfig
# Replace the __config__ placeholder with the JSON data.
config = fs.readFileSync(bookmarklet.config, 'utf8')
source = source.replace('__config__', config)
return callback(source) unless minify
proc = exec UGLIFY_JS, (e, stdout, stderr) ->
throw e if e
# Utility functions
util =
src_files: (names, prefix='') -> (x) -> "src/#{prefix}#{x}.coffee"
lib_files: (names, prefix='') -> (x) -> "lib/#{prefix}#{x}.js"
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