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JS Annotate

A wee playground to see what can be done with a Javascript annotation system.


The specs/tests can be found in spec/, and are most easily run by opening spec/spec.dom.html in a browser.

Annotation format

The annotator stores annotations internally as objects like the following.

{ id: 1,
  text: "My annotation",
  ranges: [
    { uri: "",
      start: "/html/body/div/p[2]",
      startOffset: 32,
      end: "/html/body/div/p[3]",
      endOffset: 47
    { uri: "http://...", ... } 

Note that an annotation can be associated with multiple ranges, over multiple documents. You can call #loadAnnotations(array) on an instantiated annotator and the annotations will be added to the page. Likewise, you can dump all the current annotations in the page with #dumpAnnotations(). This will return an array of annotation objects (as above) which can then be serialized to JSON.

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