Annotator v2.0.0-alpha.3

@tilgovi tilgovi released this Jul 3, 2015 · 36 commits to master since this release


  • The authz, identity, and notification modules are now
    exposed as public API on the annotator page global.
  • The notifier, identityPolicy and authorizationPolicy are now
    retrieved from component registry. It should now be possible to register
    alternative implementations.
  • Performance of the highlighter should be slightly improved.
  • Showing the viewer with a mouse hover should be much faster when there are
    many overlapping highlights. (#520)
  • The getGlobal() function of the util module has been removed and
    Annotator should now work with Content Security Policy rules that prevent
    eval of code.
  • The markdown extension has been upgraded to require and support version
    1.0 or greater of the Showdown library.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in the ui.filter extension so that the filters option
    now works as specified.
  • Make the highlighter work even when the global document symbol is not
  • Fix an issue with the editor where adding custom fields could result in
    fields appearing more than once. (#533)
  • With the autoViewHighlights options of the viewer, don't show the
    viewer while the primary mouse button is pressed. Before, this prevention
    applied to every button except the primary button, which was not the intended


  • Fix some broken links.
  • Fix some example syntax.
  • Add example markup in the documentation for the document extension.

Annotator v2.0.0-alpha.2

@nickstenning nickstenning released this Apr 25, 2015 · 81 commits to master since this release

This is an early alpha release of Annotator v2.0.0, which represents a major update from the v1.2.x release series. It's important to state clearly, with ringing bells and flashing lights, that this release has rough edges, missing features, and may in some rare circumstances cause harm to your pets and loved ones.

With that warning out of the way, here's a sampling of what you'll find in this release:

  • a code base rewritten in plain JavaScript
  • a dramatically improved extension architecture
  • support for composing applications from all, some, or none of the default user interface
  • support for asynchronous module hooks
  • support for custom storage modules
  • support for custom authorization and identity modules -- integrate Annotator with your own user database and permissions models

Some things didn't quite make it into this release, but we hope to get to them shortly:

  • the Auth plugin -- if you use the Annotator v1.2.x Auth plugin you may wish to hold off on upgrading for now
  • an Open Annotation-compatible storage component -- this will now probably appear in v2.1

The annotation format used by this release of Annotator is compatible with that used by v1.2.x, although you will need to update your code for the new version. For full upgrade guidelines please see the documentation.

Annotator v1.2.10

@tilgovi tilgovi released this Feb 26, 2015 · 807 commits to master since this release

This is Annotator v1.2.10, a maintenance release which is intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series.


  • Annotator highlights now have a data-annotation-id attribute with the id of the corresponding annotation.
  • The Document plugin now captures rel=shortlink values. (See #470)


  • When highlights overlap and the user moves between them the viewer now updates accordingly. (See #222)
  • The Document plugin no longer treats rel=alternate as an equivalent document if the hreflang attribute suggests that it is in a different language. (See #355, #356)
  • When an annotation had its permissions modified this changed the default permissions for new annotations. That is no longer the case.
  • Fix an issue parsing large z-index values.
  • Fix an issue with the destroy method when called via the jQuery interface: $(el).annotator('destroy').
  • Fix an issue that prevented creation of overlapping highlights in certain circumstances. (See #466)
  • Updated translation files.

Annotator v1.2.9

@nickstenning nickstenning released this Dec 2, 2013 · 807 commits to master since this release

This is Annotator v1.2.9, a maintenance release which is intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series.


  • Fixed several minor bugs relating to notification display. Notification levels are now correctly removed after notifications are hidden. Thanks to @6a68 for reporting and @6a68 and @tilgovi for fixing. (See #200, #207).
  • Fixed a major packaging error in v1.2.8. The annotator source files were not correctly wrapped in a closure, and so exported many more tokens than intended to the page namespace.

Annotator v1.2.8

@nickstenning nickstenning released this Oct 30, 2013 · 808 commits to master since this release

This is Annotator v1.2.8, a maintenance release which is intended to be the one of the last in the v1.2.x series.


  • Annotator#destroy(), which allows you to fully remove an Annotator instance from the page.


  • Fixed a bug in calculating the position at which the "adder" widget should be displayed when making a selection. (See #243, #244).
  • Fixed a bug in the code that normalises annotation ranges. Thanks to @csillag for reporting and fixing this. (See #238).
  • Fixed a bug in the Filter plugin which incorrectly split whitespace-delimited tags. Thanks to @gbone24 for reporting and fixing this. (See #256).
  • Fixed a bug with the Document plugin injecting invalid markup into XHTML documents. Thanks to @tilgovi for reporting and fixing this. (See d2f8c43).
  • Fixed a bug in the Permissions plugin where whole user objects were used in place of the user ID. Thanks to @ctnitchie for reporting and fixing this. (See #271).
  • A number of improvements to the Annotator tests and developer toolchain.