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This is the Annotator wiki. Annotator's documentation has recently moved into the main repository and can be browsed at http://docs.annotatorjs.org/.

Plugins (3rd party)

  • Touch Plugin - support for touch devices (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Offline Plugin - support for working on documents while offline, using your browser's localStorage
  • Annotator Wordpress plugin - installs and integrates the Annotator with your Wordpress site. (plugin source code)
  • Categories Plugin - assign pre-defined categories to annotation and highlight each with different colors. (There is a pull request pending that is not yet fully integrated (waiting for tests)). This does not work with HEAD for now and requires a full check out of the fork (based on a slightly older fork). plugin source code
  • Roundup Plugin - provide some integration with the Roundup ticket tracker . plugin source code
  • Margin Viewer Plugin - to display annotations in the margins
  • Heatmap Plugin - some heatmap related plugin
  • Readmill Plugin - allows you to submit highlights and comments to Readmill
  • Drupal module - A Drupal module that integrates Annotator with your Drupal site.
  • Annotorious - a plugin that integrates the Annotorious image annotation library with Annotator
  • lorestore Plugin - an alternate store plugin that provides compatibility with OpenAnnotation as implemented by lorestore
  • Motivations Plugin - allows OA motivations to be attached to annotations
  • Prov Plugin - displays OA provenance properties in annotation viewer
  • Share-annotator - share text and video annotations using social networks or email
  • Geolocation-annotator - set the current user position with HTML5 geolocation to the annotation
  • richText-annotator - richText give you the possibility to add rich media (rich text, pictures, movies, sounds, ...) using Tinymce in your annotations
  • Symfony-annotator - Symfony Bundle using Annotator and the Store plugin.
  • tags-annotator - Allows you to set pre-determined tags with color differentiators as well as let the users input their own personal tags in a tokenized way.
  • Panel Viewer Plugin - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Allows you to view the annotations in a panel in the right side. You can delete, expand, collapse the panel and find annotations.
  • OpenVideoAnnotation - plugin to create annotations in video-js using annotator. Project in: openvideoannotation.org
  • Annotator Validation Plugin - plugin to validate annotations in editor
  • Histogram - Generates a histogram of annotation density in a document
  • Filters - Provides a way to filter annotations by different fields (e.g., author, category, tag, etc.)
  • CKEditor - Embeds CKEditor as the text editor for annotations

Backend stores

Who's Using It


If you'd like to contribute to the wiki you can do so using the GitHub interface or a better way is to check out the Wiki and modify it using a text editor. There's some basic instructions in the Gollum readme.