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ANTz at a Glance!

ANTz visualization engine bridges bio-cybernetics, digital arts & data science.

Cyberspace breaths ultra-low-latency to create that liquid-real experience. Our core engine is a pseudo-state-machine, written from scratch in plain C to minimize latency, flow bandwidth and maximize processing power. It's rock-solid, forged through decades of hard work in live Visual FX, Machine Control and high-dimensional Data Analysis.

The Architecture is based on the Neural Physics Engine (NPE) implementation of Hyperglyphs. With a minimalist cross-platform approach, it's inherently adaptable and naturally future-proof. OpenGL is the greatest dependency, yet we may just switch it to Vulkan. The Native Scene Graph is basic to work with and uses standard DB tables or common CSV files.

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Note that MySQL requires a license agreement with the vendor for commercial use.

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