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*Currently (as of 2021-02-05) is not publicaly released.

CoderViz™ lets you visually navigate, edit, compile and watch your code run. It is a stand-alone application that is built upon ANTz core.

  • '4' key is currently reserved for CoderViz.

Implement CoderViz companion tools for code editing, compiling and runtime analysis.

  • CoderViz builds a visual representation of the code with heuristics as node attributes (eg. memory = size, cpu-time = rotate_rate, pagefault-rate = color, etc.)
  • Csync™ directly edits the CoderViz source files through scene modifications (and vice versa).
  • lazyC™ enables compiling all or parts of the code scene (hyeprglyphs) into encapsulated binary modules that can be runtime loaded and executed within the scene.


  • OOP vs non-OOP (Java vs C)

  • C subsets (OpenCL, PIC, etc.)

    • Recursion
    • Memory allocation
    • Special Functions (math, IO, etc.)
  • JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA - ANTz Socket API with Java

  • ANTz interspection

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*Note that CoderViz:tm:, Csync:tm: and lazyC:tm: are trademarked by Saxon Digital.