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A shared and somewhat opinionated style guide for everyone to enjoy.
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OpenAPI Community Style Guide

These days API Linting (or creating automated style guides) is all the rage.

Spectral was created to make this simple with OpenAPI and AsyncAPI, powering linting in editors, as a CLI tool, in continuous integration, etc., and comes with its own set of baked in OpenAPI v2/v3 rules.

This repo is the start of a community powered collection of style guides (a.k.a rulesets), which you can use as well as, or instead of, those rules.

  • APIs You Won't Hate - Super opinionated HTTP API advice.
  • AsyncAPI - Make more useful and consistent AsyncAPI files.
  • FHIR - FHIR is a standard for health care data exchange, published by HL7.
  • OpenAPI - Make more useful and consistent OpenAPI files with this more experimental set of rules than spectral:oas.

All of these rulesets have plenty of rules to be done, all mentioned in comments. Feel free to dig in and send PRs.

Other ideas for Rulesets:

Make a new file and dig in. If you need any help post an issue.

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