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a small framework to convert OpenAPI yaml descriptions to java code (Spring, Micronaut) or json


openapi-processor is a small framework that converts an OpenAPI yaml description to a target format. The primary targets are Spring Boot & Micronaut. It generates framework specific interfaces and pojos based on the API and you implement the interfaces in your controllers.

The target programming language is Java, which makes the generated code usable from most JVM languages.


please use the discussions on the organization level.


See here for details.

snapshot repository

to use snapshot versions add as maven repository to your build file.


  1. openapi-processor-spring openapi-processor-spring Public

    an OpenAPI 3.0 & 3.1 interface & model java code generator for Spring Boot

    Kotlin 32 9

  2. openapi-processor-micronaut openapi-processor-micronaut Public

    an OpenAPI 3.0 & 3.1 interface & model java code generator for Micronaut

    Kotlin 3 2

  3. openapi-processor-gradle openapi-processor-gradle Public

    openapi-processor gradle plugin

    Groovy 3 1

  4. openapi-processor-maven openapi-processor-maven Public

    maven plugin to run any openapi-processor

    Java 7 2

  5. openapi-processor-base openapi-processor-base Public

    re-usable code of openapi-processor

    Kotlin 2 3

  6. openapi-processor-samples openapi-processor-samples Public

    openapi-processor sample projects

    3 1


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