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to create a next-generation, truly modular (built from node.js modules), full-stack javascript framework that interoperates with the Open App Ecosystem.

feature requirements

  • resources are commonly understood entities (Linked Data vocabularies)
  • holons (people and recursive groups) are identities
  • identities are cryptographic keys
  • each holon has a unique primary data service
  • each service can be many micro data services
  • services can have many different interfaces (HTTP, WebSockets, jschan, command-line, ...)
  • services describe their interfaces through hypermedia (JSON-Schema, Hydra, JSON-API, ...)
  • each primary data service can have many cached replicas
  • primary data services publish changes to subscribed cached replicas
  • cached replicas provide pipeline to submit changes to primary data services
  • trust relationships between identities determine cross-service network topology
  • resources transfer through services across trust relationships (CPU cycles, data storage, food, shelter, ...)
  • transfer between services can employ many different patterns of conversation (request / response, publish / subscribe, push / pull, even more complex patterns like conversations of action)
  • data services store transactions on state instead of state
  • data services employ conflict resolution algorithms on transactions
  • data is immutable and flows instead of changes (consequence of all the above)
  • data is validatable (with hashes or signatures)
  • data is securable (with encryption)
  • data services are de-coupled from views
  • views are composable, one-directional components
  • generic views can be generated from data and relevant hypermedia

sub ecosystems

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