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How-to configure a Huawei phone

There are different options, some Android specific, some Huawei specific:

  • Add AndroidAPS and xdrip+ to apps list which ignore battery optimisations:

    • Settings / App / Settings / Special autorisations / Ignore battery optimisation / Select "All applications" / Set app to allowed
  • Set battery option settings:

    • Settings / App / Select AndroidAPS/xdrip+ / Under Battery / App launch
      • Make sure to remove "automatic management"
      • Allow:
        • Automatic launch
        • Launch from App
        • Background run
  • Lock App

    • Go into App recent list and select the lock icon

For xdrip+, you can also enable persitent notifications (within xdrip+ app):

  • Setttings / less common settings / other misc options / Run Collector in foreground

xdrip+ settings - collector in foreground

Depending on Android version, these settings are somewhere else. These explanations are for Android 8.1.