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Readme: Digital Manār
Till Grallert

This repository is part of OpenArabicPE. It is home to the digital (TEI XML) edition of Rashīd Riḍā's journal al-Manār. It was originally set up in early 2016, inspired by and following the principles of Digital Muqtabas. However, the files lay dormant for almost three years. If you just want to browse the edition in a more human-readable view, start here. All bibliographic metadata is available as part of OpenArabicPE's public Zotero group. A simple Google search has been set-up to search the full-text of OpenArabicPE's entire corpus.

The digital text was downloaded from Digital facsimiles are available from

  1. arshīf al-majallāt al-adabiyya wa-l-thaqafiyya al-ʿarabiyya
  2. HathiTrust


  1. According to Florian Zemmin, the text from is missing all of Riḍā's tafṣīr that made up "more than one fifth" of al-Manār's text corpus [-@Zemmin+2016, 232].
  2. The EPub / HTML from looks very different from other works I have seen and which were easly converted to TEI XML (re-)using the same code. I therefore asume that it is of a different origin than the other early twentieth-century texts.
    • I used regex to structure the file into
      • volumes: <div type="volume" n="\d+"/>
      • issues: <div type="issue"/> as children of the volumes
    • This was then split into one file per issue using the volume and the issue counts
  3. Authorship information: a lot of the articles carry generic bylines with the following pattern: "الكاتب: محمد رشيد رضا". These are not found in the originals, if one consults the facsimiles available from (formerly, but must have been added by later editors to the text.
    • their accuracy is unclear, some articles by Riḍā where either published posthumously after his death in 1935 or the attribution is wrong
  4. The facsimiles from confirm that shamela's page numbers correspond to the second printed edition (published in 1327 aH.). However, there are only page numbers between articles! This means, they can only be used as an approximation.

to do


  • there are many articles, which are still marked-up as notes
  • paragraphs: the mark-up contains only line breaks but not paragraphs
  • poetry:
  • sections:
    • titles:
      • new publications/ review section
        • done تقريظ المطبوعات الجديدة
        • done تقريظ المطبوعات الحديثة
        • done تقريظ المطبوعات
      • done الأخبار والآراء
    • dividers of articles in sections
      • a line with 3 asterisks
      • the next line is wrapped in brackets
    • workflow:
      1. Regex: search and replace
        • find: (<div[^>]+type=)"item" subtype="article"([^>]+>\s+<head[^>]+>تقريظ المطبوعات الجديدة</head>)
        • replace: $1"section"$2
      2. XSLT: wrap the entire content of these <div>s in <div type="item" subtype="article">
  • empty notes


Digital edition (TEI XML) of Rashīd Riḍā's journal al-Manār (المنار)







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