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Readme: Journal *al-Zuhūr*
Till Grallert

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An open, collaborative, and scholarly digital edition of Anṭūn al-Jumayyil's monthly journal al-Zuhūr (Cairo, 1910--1913)

This digital edition of Anṭūn al-Jumayyil's monthly journal al-Zuhūr (Cairo, 1910--1913) is part of and follows the principles of Open Arabic Periodical Editions (OpenArabicPE) that were originally developped in the context of Digital Muqtabas. The full text of this edition has been transcribed by the anonymous transcribers at al-maktaba al-shamela. The transcription and our edition comprises 40 issues but only 39 issues from vol.1(1) until vol.4(8) could be found in material copies and digital facsimiles. The introduction from the Dār Ṣādir reprint, upon which this transcription is most likely based, does not comment on this discrepancy. Digital facsimiles are available from the following sources:

It appeared that the page breaks from al-maktaba al-shamela correspond to the printed copy. We have therefore added the relevant mark-up for page beginnings (<pb ed="print" n="123"/>) and an <facsimile> element containing links to the digital facsimiles at arshīf al-majallāt and Translatio Bonn. The boilerplate view, therefore, displays facsimiles and the digital text.

If you just want to browse the edition in a more human-readable view, start here. All bibliographic metadata is available as part of OpenArabicPE's public Zotero group.


to do

  1. mark up articles in sections:1
    • في حدائق العرب
      • note: this did not work reliably (e.g. 2(5), 2(1)), or I did assume that there was only a single article in this section. Manually fixed this issue
    • في جنائن الغرب
    • رسائل غرام بين نساء شهيرات ورجال عظام
    • أزهار وأشواك
    • في رياض الشعر
    • ثمرات المطابع
      • articles commence with a short string followed by a hyphen in the first paragraph
  2. mark-up toponyms in bylines
  3. heads: multi-line heads are currently commonly only catching the first line
  4. done mastheads
  5. mark-up bibliographic references in the section "ثمرات المطابع"


  1. there are some sections which only have a single article per issue


Digital edition (TEI XML) of Anṭūn Jumayyil's monthly journal *al-Zuhūr* (الزهور), published in Cairo, 1910--.







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