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Readme: Journal *Lughat al-ʿArab*
Till Grallert

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An open, collaborative, and scholarly digital edition of Anastās Mārī al-Karmalī's monthly journal Lughat al-ʿArab (Baghdad, 1911--)

This digital edition of Anastās Mārī al-Karmalī's monthly journal Lughat al-ʿArab (Baghdad, 1911--) is part of and follows the principles of Open Arabic Periodical Editions (OpenArabicPE) that were originally developped in the context of Digital Muqtabas. The full text of this edition has been transcribed by the anonymous transcribers at al-maktaba al-shamela. Digital imagery is available from arshīf al-majallāt ... and

It appeared that the page breaks from al-maktaba al-shamela correspond to the printed copy. We have therefore added the relevant mark-up for page beginnings (<pb ed="print" n="123"/>) and an <facsimile> element containing links to the digital facsimiles at arshīf al-majallāt. The boilerplate view, therefore, displays both facsimiles and the digital text. We have added publication dates for the first three volumes based on the physical copies at the Orient-Institut Beirut's library.

If you just want to browse the edition in a more human-readable view, start here. All bibliographic metadata is available as part of OpenArabicPE's public Zotero group.

Note that I focus on the first three volumes (34 issues) published before WWI. Publication dates for later volumes have not been corrected. Their bibliographic data will appear at faulty positions in the Zotero group if sorted by date.

mark-up of sections

to do

  • Jakob Koppermann began validating the mark-up of articles in sections
  • تاريخ وقائع العراق وما جاوره
  • done تاريخ وقائع الشهر في العراق وما جاوره

general notes

  • Sections in articles are usually numbered and the digit is wrapped in a <hi> element. Mark-up can be automated
  • Articles in sections frequently commence with an inline-header, wrapped in brackets. Mark-up can be automated but will need some validation.


Digital edition (TEI XML) of Anastās Mārī al-Karmalī's monthly journal *Lughat al-ʿArab* (لغة العرب), published in Baghdad, 1911--.







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