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Open Assistant

Make your own minds! Open source AI OS development.

Open Assistant is a private open source personal assistant system able to engage in conversations and complete an increasing amount of tasks using vocal commands.

Our current goals are to simplify and restructure modules to provide easy customization, operating system independence, as well as to implement more sophisticated logic such as machine learning (TensorFlow).

We would like to establish an OA.Agents blockchain network, add the ability for customization on fly (adding or changing commands via voice), provide a graphical interface, and build auto installer scripts.

Video Demonstrations:

First run on Arch Linux:
Version 0.11 on Arch Linux:
First run on Windows:
Short Calculator Demonstration:
German Language Demonstration:

Download, Install, & Run:

Windows (Click & Run):
Download, unzip package, and click the oa.exe file found in the "Open Assistant" folder.
`Windows Python Install (Python 2.7 or 3.5 Recommended):

Install common list of Python packages then run:

pip install pywin32 keyboard sounddevice playsound requests pyttsx3 pocketsphinx psutil feedparser python-forecastio numpy

Ubuntu Linux:

sudo apt-get install -y python python-dev python-pip build-essential swig git libpulse-dev espeak

pip install keyboard sounddevice playsound requests pyttsx3 pocketsphinx psutil feedparser python-forecastio numpy

Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S swig espeak

pip install keyboard sounddevice playsound requests pyttsx3 pocketsphinx psutil feedparser python-forecastio numpy

Download Open Assistant:
Run Open Assistant:

Using Open Assistant

Make sure your microphone is working and levels are set properly.

Say "Boot mind!" as a listening test. If you hear R2D2, boot mind is listening.

Say "Open assistant!" to launch root mind. Say "Root mind!" to see if you can get the reply, "Hello world!"

Say "List commands!" to get a list of available voice commands.

System Information:

General Open Assistant overview: - Main Open Assistant loading module. - Essential functions and utilities. This also contains additional functions to play sounds, run diagnostics, report the weather, and read the news. (These functions will eventually be split into individual 'ability files'). Look within 'minds/' for various voice command examples.

Minds: - First mind booted. Listens for "open assistant" vocal command to launch - Core system mind (will be configured specifically for various operating systems).

Parts: - Display messages in the console. - Show messages/windows/dialogs/video in Python web browser (under development). - Listening to audio via microphone. - Camera and computer vision (planned). - Recieve keyboard keys/emulate keyboard keys from input queue (wire_in). - Play audio file via speakers. - Internal speech to text. - Text to speech via speakers. - Load and control all minds.

About parts:

_in() - function which yields processed data. Each part works in a separate thread.

Each part reads messages (signals) from devices and/or from an input message wire (wire_in).

To send messages to a part ('voice' for example) use: put('voice','any sentence') To read messages (for current part) use: data = get() (get waits until any messages appear on the wire).

In sophisticated cases you may use wire_in directly (with or without locks).

Newly added parts will start automatically.

To-Do List:

Develop further abilities and minds.

Improve speech recogition and voice synthesis.

Make OA work transparently in Windows, Mac, Linux, and all other operating systems. (use embedded browser as a display).

Messages / windows / dialogs / video / input / search / database browser.

Using embedded chromium:

Keyboard command input.

Add new commands via voice (extend mind functionality on fly).

Eye tracking system (mouse control via eyes and video camera):

Emotional interaction / lip reading (advanced functionality):

3D object creation via voice using programmable Openscad:

Build a simple installer for all operating systems via PyInstaller:

Support Open Assistant

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Donate tokens:

BTC: 1HWciwsZ1jCgH9VYRRb4A21WoRByn2tnpc

ETH: 0x90A534862fA94FE1fFC1Fe5c660E3683c219c87a

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Free the robot brains!

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