Front end site for Open Assistive built using Hugo and a JAM stack.
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Build Status

a front-end to OpenAssistive.

To run locally (for the first time)

  1. Install Hugo:
  2. git clone
  3. cd OpenATFrontend && git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. hugo server --buildDrafts

To run locally (following the inital run)

  1. cd OpenATFrontEnd
  2. hugo server --buildDrafts

To create a new item

  1. hugo new item/
  2. edit content/item/


  1. cd content/item
  2. touch
  3. edit

To export the site to gh-pages (linux/mac)

  1. hugo -d dist --buildDrafts
  2. ./scripts/

To export the site to gh-pages (windows or other)

Not so straightforward.. Basically you have to build the site (to public) and then copy any changes to a checked out version of the gh-pages branch Its what that does for you automagically. The neatest way in the future is really to make changes directly on github and travis-ci will do the automagic for you

Have a read of:


  • Note that the theme is Based at
  • The hugo site is a static site generator. Its designed to be run locally and then all /public (or dist - depending on how you want to run the build) is the live static site all in html
  • there is a Makefile and a .travis.yml file in this repo. This allows the site to be automagically built on a commit on travis.