ABC Proposal for parliamentary video hosting

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OpenAustralia is a project to make what goes in Parliament more transparent and accessible for ordinary Australians.

Currently, we take the Hansard, the written parliamentary record and make it easier to understand, search and keep up to date with.

However, we would like to extend this to also include video of parliamentary debates.

Our proposal is that the ABC, as part of its wider broadcasting and public service remit, hosts video online for free of all parliamentary debates including the House of Representatives, the Senate and Committees in an open, accessible way such that ordinary Australians have access to the video archive.

This would essentially give ordinary Australians the same access to the video archive of Parliament which only the news organisations currently enjoy.

We would like to then link to this video so that next to every debate (in written form) the user can watch the video. We have created a mock-up to show what this could look like.

Some Technical details


There is an open-standards technology that could be very useful for this enterprise called Annodex, originally developed by the CSIRO. This is what Wikipedia has to say:

"Annodex is a digital media format developed by CSIRO to provide annotation and indexing of continuous media, such as audio and video. It is based on the Ogg container format, with an XML language called CMML (Continuous Media Markup Language) providing additional metadata. It is intended to create a Continuous Media Web (CMWeb), whereby continuous media can be manipulated in a similar manner to text media on the World Wide Web, including searching and dynamic arrangement of elements."

In other words, a continuous stream of video, such as that from the parliament, can be accessed in a non-linear way such that small sections can be viewed without requiring that the stream be physically split into smaller sub clips.

Further information about Annodex is available from


Ideally, the video would be delivered in an open digital video format to maximise the operating systems and browsers that will be supported.

Time Code

The encoded video should have time code support to allow the linking to arbitrary points in a video stream as would be possible using the Annodex technology.

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