Meetings Project Meeting 2009 07 04

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Time: Saturday 2009-07-04 11:00 AEST

Place: #openaustralia Freenode IRC channel and teleconference

Table of Contents

Agenda & Actions

0. Yay!

Public Sphere/Gov2.0

video hansard project proposal other gov data projects?

Nat to review publicsphere briefing and ensure OA requirements included in briefing. OpenAustralia has no "requirements" for the public sphere doc. I am editing it as me, not OpenAustralia. would love everyone to read, review and add, as yourselves :) and spread the word (Kat)

Google Talk/Hackfest


2.1 Matthew's tech talk at google -

2.2 Look into reviving the talk that was taken down - Kat/Matthew

3. Update on Hackfest outcomes from Matthew

4. Set date for next Sydney Hackfest

5. Hackfest in Melbourne? Sarah - Darren Sharp (Social media & Gov 2.0 consultant with Collabforge) has offered to help. We're meeting week of 13 July (Sarah).

6. Hackfest in Canberra? Nat


7. Contacts in other states?

8. - Darryl King, Brisbane (Nat to follow up)

9. Unexpected side effects were the exposure generated from the event (hurrah), which brought more visibility, and ultimately helped increase number of new email alerts by 400 in following 2 wks- of course we're tempted to export that data and generate a graph :)

start a google doc on "we're having a hackfest" things to do, not to do that work, that didn't work. Getting food organised/sponsored would be one thing we didn't have (will have in Syd next time).

10. - Sarah action -draft a mini update email to the Hackfest participants (or the dev list if all the Hackfest folk are on there) letting them know the outcomes (above). This could be used to solicit help for any of the new/ongoing bits of work which need help, or to promote the next Sydney Hackfest. request feedback from participants. Sarah (check blog post)

apps update

11. FixMyStreet/mobile/iphone

Jake and Nat working on iPhone app, Rob on server-side

Nat/Jake working with Diana Mounter from LGWN/LGSA, Reem and Bern from Mosman Council on promotion and stakeholder engagement

Nat will distribute Nat/Jake/Diana meeting notes from 29/06

Classification schema development ongoing

Results from first survey published:

12. WriteToThem - as far as I know Vijay is working on this - no communication since gov2.0 will catch up with him (anyone else in contact?)

Kat will email Vijay

13. Register of Interests Transcription App (needs a name!) - to be deployed



NB. sunlight transcription app

Matthew will review 14. Mobile versions of OA

Rob did some stuff

Nat standing by to assist with CSS

Matthew to promote to dev

Nat to review UI

Matthew to give Rob and Henare admin rights to server!

15. New prototype skins of OA based solely on the APIs (so have we agreed this is viable now?)

UI changes proposal

Need to discuss. Suited for a serious group brainstorm/design session.

Nat will come up to Sydney for this.

Nat to call meeting

Other projects

16. PublicWhip - Matthew

No action arising

17. State hansards

NSW - Will Cannings - waiting for update

WA - Matthew

ACT - Trib - ideas to lead the charge there?

Nat to pursue Trib

Vic - does this need action? (yes :) )

Sarah is meeting Darren Sharp in two weeks to discuss

Need to look for people who may be interested in picking up other states/territories.

permissions issue has drawn interest from the taskforce, hopefully that helps

meeting with parliamentary library update

(Review list of stuff to do before the meeting please!)

any new pickups or suggestions for getting more things done?

  • education kit for teachers to use in schools - would be great to get funding and a volunteer teacher involved who knows about writing curriculum for primary/secondary school age kids.
Adrian Holovaty (Matthew, this is the guy I met at Webstock who I tried to e-introduce you to)

Everyblock source code released


(A tangent - SICampAU)

Everyone knows about this right?

Tech - Henare


Primary OA Wiki - move github wiki to OA's MediaWiki and standardise on the OA MediaWiki?

Agreed. Henare, Matthew, and Rob to work on configuration (esp. spam aspect)

Meetings - Do we have a public IRC part? Post public agenda, minutes to wiki? See openSUSE for an example

Public is fine. Henare to add details to wiki and mail all

Website Stats - make public? (I had a question about this)

In principle yes but technically a pain. Low priority. Henare to create ticket for tracking

Development life-cycle Jira doesn't consider tickets Resolved are Closed - want to clarify this (add ticket life-cycle diagram to wiki?)

Henare to update tickets and add diagram

There also seems to be an ad-hoc code review process springing up - add details of this to the wiki?

Henare to create draft diagram

Community builiding and communication strategy



First step - one mailing list to rule them all :) "OpenAustralia Volunteers"

tech barriers to entry - Jira, wiki, IRC (argh!) - Non-techy people do have a role to play in OA, so how do we make sure OA is non-tech friendly? Suggest we look to the example of Dreamwidth and ensure we have very easy documentation to explain how to use the tech which is required to participate. Minimise the learning curve to be a participant. :) Do we want to force people to learn how to use a new tech to be able to do things like log requests/bugs or ask for help? Pros/cons of letting people submit by web form or email?

News page to maximise the new traffic we get from news articles etc - should have a section where we link to things like Matthew's Google talk, etc. These should also be linked in the blog.

Going back to previous request - to put a prominent link to "get involved/volunteer with OA" on the front page, the news page, and the blog. Catch people in the places they are most likely to enter the site.

Calendar of OA events

20. Agreed that there shall be a calendar, it shall be publicly available, and we will publish OA speaking engagements and events there. It shall not require people to log in or have Google Calendar accounts (possibly an embedded Google Calendar though. Sarah will talk to Nat about how). To be actioned by [next] we can place OA news & upcoming events in the best position on the site so people can easily find it, and it hits them over the head when they drop by whether they were lookign for it or not :)

Calendar: upcoming (add related events to assess)



24th -LCA call for papers closes

August - Matthew to talk at SysAdmin conference.

12-13 August - Sarah speaking at Social Media Summit, Melbourne on topic of social media in the 1MW environmental campaign. Also on the panel: Effective social media and social networking strategies - :) will try to shoehorn in a mention of OA. :)

October -ish?


Jan 18th-23rd LCA Wellington NZ

mid Feb - Webstock.

Where do we want to take OA - education sector/media sector (MEAA conf?), local government, fed govt, not for profit sector.


(start small in new fields eg. education - work with a teacher as suggested above create pilot/experiment - civics & citizenship?,8990.html

Can talk to teachers I know. Will also be involved in local schools via other interest (permaculture/school gardens) imminently.

Important to teach those least represented how to get engaged, they have the most to gain. (Kat)

This would relate well to an EduCamp in Aust (robman)

Other leads?

Other ideas

Can we look at ideas about helping parlimentarians/candidates hold online town halls? Maybe a video component with IM allowed for Q&A. Maybe streaming video of their talks.. How can we help people directly ask questions of MPs/candidates. There may be video-focused Gov 2.0 peeps doing stuff like this already.

IRC Transcript


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