Meetings Project Meeting 2009 07 04 Transcript

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11:01 <@henare> order, order
11:01  * NathanaelB is back
11:01 <@NathanaelB> ok what are we doing?
11:01 <@henare> this meeting will now come to order
11:01 <@NathanaelB> Skype? Or do I have to dial that 1800 number?
11:01 <@henare> dial the 1800
11:02  * NathanaelB wanders off to find his mobile phone
11:02 <@NathanaelB> no landline ...
11:03 <@NathanaelB> doo de do
11:03 <@henare> neither
11:03 <@henare> ;(
11:03 <@robman> yah - we only have naked dsl - so mobile's all round here
11:03 <@henare> +1
11:03 <@NathanaelB> oops entered HOST code
11:03 <@mlandauer> Nat and Rob ....
11:04 <@mlandauer> Rob are you joining us
11:04 <@robman> i'm in
11:04 <@henare>
11:04 <@mlandauer> I'll make myself heard over IRC
11:04 <@henare> k
11:04 <@NathanaelB> tnx
11:05 <@robman> i'm better in ascii anyways 8)
11:05 <@NathanaelB> AAAARRRR
11:05 <@katska_> ok I havent done that before - will be a little strange some text some voice ...
11:05 <@NathanaelB> WTF IS THIS DOC
11:06 < sarah_stokely> i don't feel very efficient, i'm having to flick between tabs to see IRC and the meeting agenda in google doc. and i'm trying to cradle the phone on my shoulder while i type LOL
11:06 < sarah_stokely> there must be a better way. :)
11:06 <@robman> sarah - you need a bigger window
11:06 <@katska_> I'm personally waiting for wave ....
11:06  * robman waves
11:06 <@henare> lol
11:06 <@henare> nice
11:06 <@katska_> *wave*
11:07 <@NathanaelB> got the doc
11:07 <@robman> so what's the normal format - full meeting protocol?
11:07 <@NathanaelB> ???
11:07 <@NathanaelB> lol
11:10 <@NathanaelB> Sarah's phone is dying already
11:10 <@henare> ;(
11:10 <@robman> love that beep though
11:10 <@robman> 8/
11:10 <@henare> lots of swearing
11:10 <@robman> indeed
11:10 <@henare> almost like question time
11:12 <@NathanaelB> OMG THE BEEPING
11:12 <@robman> try multiple windows 8)
11:13 <@robman> i'm all multichannel
11:13 < sarah_stokely>  /trying to figure out how to open a new window in chrome :D
11:13 <@robman> watching youtube and confcall and twitter and irc and email
11:14 <@NathanaelB> just dbl click on header
11:14 <@katska_> yay we all go text
11:14 < sarah_stokely> ok slightly happier now
11:14 <@NathanaelB> okay
11:14 <@robman> BEEEEEP
11:14 <@henare> lol
11:14 <@katska_> fuck twitter... only so many windows I can deal with
11:14 <@mlandauer> I can be here too now
11:14 <@henare> ok, next point then. Unexpected side effect
11:14 <@robman> i want my laptop to have 2 fold out panels on each side so I have 3 screens
11:14 <@henare> s
11:14 <@henare> Kat, can you update us?
11:15 <@katska_> throwing to Matthew ...
11:15 <@henare> cool
11:15 <@mlandauer> Unexpected side effects of hackfest?
11:16  * robman waits for the pretty graph
11:16 <@henare> yup, that's where we're up to in the agenda
11:16  * NathanaelB is adding numbers to agenda
11:16  * henare thinks it should be a *dynamic* graph!
11:16 <@mlandauer> Two newspaper articles (online only)
11:16 <@henare> good idea nat
11:16 <@mlandauer> Massive bump in traffic from the article
11:16 <@robman> +1 dynamic graphs everywhere
11:16 <@henare> mlandauer: interesting
11:17 <@mlandauer> Lasted for a few days, but has probably resulted in a sustained increase in visitors of around 100 per day
11:17 < sarah_stokely> that is really impressive :)
11:17 <@NathanaelB> yeah happy with that
11:18 <@NathanaelB> increase in commenting?
11:18 <@NathanaelB> do we have pretty graphs for that?
11:18 <@mlandauer> The last month has been really good all round for publicity for the project
11:18 <@NathanaelB> yeah totally
11:18 <@mlandauer> Not just the articles - results of public sphere, renewed interest (greater interest) because of the Gov 2.0 task force etc...
11:19  * NathanaelB wanders off to put some music on ... so wierd in the silence now
11:19  * robman turns his techno back up
11:19 <@katska_> can we go back to point 1, Matthew?
11:19 <@katska_> an update from public sphere/gov 2.0
11:19 <@NathanaelB> yep pls
11:19 <@henare> before we finish that, any actions or lessons learnt?
11:20 <@mlandauer> Sarah & Henare weren't there. Everyone else was, right?
11:20 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:20  * henare attempts to look casual in his suit
11:20 < sarah_stokely> we probably need a calendar of upcoming events on the AO page to let people know when we're attending/speaking at events
11:20 < sarah_stokely> i mean, OA :/
11:21 <@henare> sarah_stokely: already created a google calendar for OA
11:21 <@henare> is that a good idea?
11:21 <@robman> if there's new traffic going to the site - would it be good to pump up the "participate" sort of links
11:21 <@robman> join is just user really isn't it
11:21 < sarah_stokely> only if people use google calendar. :) want visitors to the site to see it :)
11:21 <@robman> can embed that
11:21 <@NathanaelB> we can embed
11:21 <@NathanaelB> like this:
11:21 <@henare> yea, you can make them public
11:21 <@NathanaelB> LOL
11:21 <@henare> and embed them
11:22 <@robman> snap all round
11:22 <@NathanaelB>
11:22 <@katska_> ok - embed where?
11:22 <@robman> OA and maybe add a page and link in the header?
11:22 < sarah_stokely> i really don't want to have a conversation about web design and navigation on IRC. i think i would cry with frustration, sorry :(
11:22 <@NathanaelB> or like this
11:23 <@NathanaelB> okay
11:23 <@NathanaelB> so there shall be a calendar
11:23 <@NathanaelB> and it shall be available to the public
11:23 <@henare> sarah_stokely: yeah, fair enough, let's not get into the details. someone take the action and run with it
11:23 <@NathanaelB> and it shall not require people to have Google accounts
11:23 <@mlandauer> Agreed
11:23 < sarah_stokely> and it will be good :)
11:23 <@henare> NathanaelB: nice
11:23 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:23 <@NathanaelB> did we just jump down to agenda item 16?
11:24 <@mlandauer> Kat do you want to jump in?
11:24 < sarah_stokely> *grin*
11:24 <@NathanaelB> or whatever
11:24 <@NathanaelB> ok
11:24 <@NathanaelB> who'
11:24 <@NathanaelB> 's actioning calendar? Was that Kat?
11:24 <@katska_> we were going to do an update from matthew
11:24 <@katska_> add the calendar to the google doc
11:24 <@robman> we should keep jumping back to point 0 too "yay"
11:24 <@mlandauer> Sould I continue?
11:25 < sarah_stokely> please :)
11:25 <@katska_> take the floor
11:25  * robman passes mlandauer the talking stick
11:25 <@mlandauer> Met lots of people
11:25 <@NathanaelB> it has been, as agenda item 20
11:26 <@mlandauer> Including Gruen, head of gov 2.0 task force.
11:26 <@mlandauer> Had a meeting with Lindsay Tanners gov 2.0 adviser
11:26 <@NathanaelB> oh nice
11:26 <@NathanaelB> I had lunch with Gruen on Wed
11:26 <@mlandauer> Excellent
11:26 <@NathanaelB> and we engaged with our DEEWR Task Force rep Glenn Archer yesterday
11:27 <@mlandauer> The following day spent a few hours with the parliamentary librarian, Roxanne Missingham (sp?)
11:27 <@NathanaelB> and I'll be pimping OA in my Gov 2.0 internal presentation to my branch including SES 1 poss band 2 on Tues *nailbiting*
11:27 <@mlandauer> She's very cool
11:27 <@katska_> (afk a sec)
11:27 <@mlandauer> Cool
11:28 <@mlandauer> We also had a meeting with Roxanne and Therese (I forget her last name) who's assistant secretary of content management (this is from memory) for DPS
11:28 <@henare> mlandauer: what opportunities are there?
11:28 <@mlandauer> Oppurtunities?
11:28  * NathanaelB will be leaving at 12pm at latest to get to hairdresses before they close
11:28 <@henare> re: parliamentary librarian. access to data?
11:28 <@mlandauer> Okay...
11:29 <@mlandauer> Roxanne is definitely on our side when it comes to open access to data
11:29 <@NathanaelB> she presented didn't she? #publicsphere
11:30 -!- mlandauer_ [i=792c7867@gateway/web/freenode/x-8329093f7085af47] has joined #openaustralia
11:30 < mlandauer_> I dropped out. I should be back now
11:30 <@robman> you guys have dsl again?
11:31 < mlandauer_> Yes, Thursday evening it finally got reconnected
11:31 <@robman> phew
11:31 -!- katska [i=792c7867@gateway/web/freenode/x-906c3644d7db284e] has joined #openaustralia
11:31 <@NathanaelB> wb
11:31 < katska> back
11:31 < mlandauer_> I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the phone going through the complaints procedure...
11:31 < mlandauer_> Oh much fun
11:32 -!- katska_ [i=792c4a41@gateway/web/freenode/x-31fec9f502b092b4] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
11:32 -!- mlandauer [i=792c4a41@gateway/web/freenode/x-417dd2547e8d8ba9] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
11:32  * robman sets up scripts to email the TIO on a regular basis
11:32 < mlandauer_> Anyway, I really feel like Kat said that we have received a "power up" in the last few weeks in no small part to public sphere
11:32 < mlandauer_> Any questions about that?
11:33 <@NathanaelB> narr
11:33 < katska> at least in terms of help .. I'd like to add, its awesome to get taskforce folks asking how they can help - eg with NT saying no to request
11:33 <@NathanaelB> are we going to include this stuff in the publicsphere briefing?
11:33 < katska> and getting updates on questions we had for Roxanne Missingham. Good follow up.
11:33 <@NathanaelB> ie the wiki
11:34 < katska> we should all at least be reviewing the publicsphere policy and encouraging others to do so.
11:35 <@robman> +1
11:35 < mlandauer_> Yes, good point @nat
11:35 < katska> can we move on to apps updates?
11:35 < katska> (11)
11:35 <@NathanaelB> wait up
11:35 <@henare> first 10?
11:35 <@NathanaelB> action item from publicsphere
11:35 <@NathanaelB> am nominating myself to review publicsphere wiki briefing and ensure we get to promote our requirements there
11:36 <@NathanaelB> accepted?
11:36 <@NathanaelB> Yes?
11:36 <@NathanaelB> excellent.
11:36 <@NathanaelB> NEXT! :)
11:36 <@henare> well done
11:36 < katska> :)
11:36 <@henare> item 10
11:36 <@henare> great idea. sarah, can you take the action?
11:37 < mlandauer_> On point 10 Henare wrote a blog post.
11:37 < sarah_stokely> Yes, although i wasn't at the hackfest :) i will draft something and run it by matthew and kat
11:37 <@henare> whoever take it will need input from others regarding any help they'd like to solicit in the email
11:37 < mlandauer_> It should fill that out?
11:37 <@henare> good plan
11:37 < sarah_stokely> ok will check out the blog post, thanks
11:37 < mlandauer_> Good ideas
11:37 <@henare> next!
11:37 <@henare> 11
11:37 < katska> 11 will also inform 10!
11:37 <@henare> who can update the house^W meeting on FMS
11:38 <@robman> 2 sides
11:38 <@robman> nat front
11:38 <@robman> me back
11:38 <@NathanaelB> house?
11:38 < mlandauer_> Sorry. you've lost me
11:38 <@robman> i think irc == house
11:38 <@NathanaelB> ok
11:38 < mlandauer_> Gotcha
11:38 < sarah_stokely> who can update us on fix my street please :) /translation :)
11:38  * henare thought I was in parliament for a second
11:38 <@NathanaelB> last met with Jake Monday
11:38 <@robman> 8)
11:39 <@NathanaelB> and Diana from Local Gov Web Network
11:39 <@henare> sorry
11:39 < mlandauer_> Yeah cool
11:39  * robman speaks henare
11:39 <@NathanaelB> and Local Gov *mumbles* ... Association
11:39 <@NathanaelB> she will help us promoting FMS with NSW local gov
11:39 <@robman> so she accepted our RSS idea
11:39 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:39 <@NathanaelB> but we need email too
11:39 <@robman> sure
11:39 < mlandauer_> RSS ideas?
11:39 <@NathanaelB> But RSS will be primary
11:39 < sarah_stokely> Question: Is local govt association a lobby group or an association *of* local govt? 'm not sure
11:39 <@robman> mlandauer - that has sys admin implications
11:40 <@NathanaelB> and that's AS technical as we'll get here :)
11:40  * NathanaelB is mindful of Stokely :)
11:40 < sarah_stokely> <3
11:40 < mlandauer_> Sorry - you're jumping ahead here.
11:40 < mlandauer_> Please explain
11:40 <@robman> mlandauer - i suggested we provide them with RSS feeds for FMS issues logged - and daily email notifications
11:40 < mlandauer_> Okay
11:40 <@NathanaelB> Diana basically represents a bunch of councils
11:40 <@NathanaelB> coordinates whole-of-state things
11:40 <@robman> but even email daily has sys admin implications (e.g. bounces etc)
11:41 <@NathanaelB> then there's the web network too ... for the techie people
11:41 < mlandauer_> Sorry can we step back a moment here
11:41 <@NathanaelB> To what?
11:41 < sarah_stokely> Does FMS aim to channel requests from citizens to local council, am I with you so far?
11:41  * robman is waaaay back
11:41 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:42 <@NathanaelB> or RTA if relevant
11:42 < mlandauer_> We just want to ensure that we leave ourselves fully in control
11:42 <@NathanaelB> or other state or even federal agency ... we're working with council to identify these things so they go to the correct people
11:42 < mlandauer_> What I mean by that...
11:42 < sarah_stokely> Have we discussed the ramifications of flooding them with requests? Want to make sure that we don't set up a pipeline that doesn't go anywhere. Do they WANT to hear requests? Can they respond?
11:42 < sarah_stokely> we need to be able to set reasonable expectations of users.
11:42 <@robman> sarah - hence RSS
11:42 <@NathanaelB> Yes. Those issues are part of the discussions
11:42 <@robman> multiple people can subscribe (inside councils)
11:43 < mlandauer_> The UK people have figured this stuff out already
11:43 <@robman> and we get logs of access
11:43 < sarah_stokely> cool
11:43 <@NathanaelB> Basically, if they want to engage with us we'll work with them to make sure emailed complaints go to the right places or no email at all and they can process the RSS feed
11:43 <@robman> mlandauer - i've been going through the code to understand all that - but happy for insights
11:43 < mlandauer_> Ah cool
11:43 <@NathanaelB> For everyone else ... reports will just go to their primary email address for such things as if someone wrote the email themselves. We just format it nicely.
11:44 <@robman> +1 structured data
11:44 < mlandauer_> I just want to ensure that we find a lowest common demoninator (which I guess is email) that we can use for everyone
11:44 < mlandauer_> And then...
11:44 < mlandauer_> Do fancier stuff for those councils that can pull their finger out
11:44 <@NathanaelB> Like Mosman Council
11:44 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:44 < mlandauer_> Including talking directly to their ticketing systems, etc....
11:45 <@NathanaelB> They can pull the RSS feed direct into their internal job allocation system
11:45 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:45 <@robman> yes - however most email will largely be going to /dev/null
11:45 < mlandauer_> What makes you say that?
11:45 < katska> speaking of which - how do we track this easily moving on ... a seperate project?
11:45 < katska> (in JIRA)
11:45 <@robman> where /dev/null == reception
11:45 <@NathanaelB> We could follow the Canadian approach - but that's just going to piss users off
11:45 <@NathanaelB> Probably
11:45 <@NathanaelB> (to Kat)
11:45 < sarah_stokely> Canadian approach?
11:45 < mlandauer_> The canadian approach?
11:45  * robman is not clear on the server/brand relationship with FMS & OA
11:46 <@NathanaelB> They're rolling it out one council at a time
11:46 < sarah_stokely> As long as you start in Melbourne, I have no objection to that. ;)
11:46 <@NathanaelB> Be pretty pisssed off if you install the iPhone app only to find you can report issues for North Canberra, South West Melbourne and Darwin
11:46 <@NathanaelB> lol
11:46 < sarah_stokely> Yeah, agree re: iPhone app
11:46 < mlandauer_> What's the advantage of rolling it out one at a time?
11:46 <@robman> but should also just support mobile web and even PC web
11:47 <@NathanaelB> Because they ensure all reports go to the correct person
11:47 < sarah_stokely> i don't like tech centric development :( iphone users getting better access ftl
11:47 <@NathanaelB> Well
11:47 <@NathanaelB> That's all the help we have onboard at the moment
11:47 <@NathanaelB> so ... being a volunteer open source dev, we have to put up with it
11:47  * robman takes offence at that
11:47 <@NathanaelB> ???
11:47 <@NathanaelB> For UI stuff I meant Rob
11:47 <@robman> 8)
11:47 < mlandauer_> I'm totally not following the thread of this conversation
11:47 <@NathanaelB> Ok
11:48 <@robman> mobile web is UI too NathanaelB
11:48 <@robman> anyway...moving on
11:48 <@NathanaelB> Yeah ... that's on my to do list ... but I'm busy helping Jake
11:48 <@NathanaelB> move on
11:48 < sarah_stokely> i would like to see us develop tools anyone can use. not just iphone users. but i realise we have help for iphone stuff on offer
11:48 <@NathanaelB> and our QLD contact working on the proper web site is ... not entirely onboard yet
11:48  * robman will prototype general mobile web version based on server-side stuff he's doing
11:49 <@NathanaelB> cool
11:49 < mlandauer_> Now, that's straight
11:49 < katska> can we get these things all into JIRA  tix and move on that way.
11:49 <@robman> +1
11:49 < katska> where stuff meets people that can do stuff :)
11:49 < mlandauer_> +1 from me too
11:49 <@NathanaelB> Mathew can you create new proj and move the 6 tickets over?
11:50 < mlandauer_> There's currently a fixmystreet component
11:50 <@robman> still not clear on server/brand relationship between OA and FMS though
11:50 < mlandauer_> We'll stick with that until it gets too full
11:50 <@NathanaelB> ok
11:50 <@NathanaelB> FMS is too small to be a stand-alone community-supported project? Dunno why it's part of OA
11:50 < katska> can you write up what you see are the issues there and lets pick it up that way?
11:51 <@NathanaelB> except that OA = MySociety rather than OA = TWFY
11:51 < mlandauer_> There's going to be an "OpenAustralia Foundation" which can act as the umbrella
11:51 <@robman> ah...k
11:51 < mlandauer_> OpenAustralia Foundation === Mysociety
11:51 <@NathanaelB> k
11:51 < mlandauer_> OpenAustralia === TheyWorkForYou
11:51  * robman feels better
11:51 <@NathanaelB> NEXT
11:51  * robman hates unresolved IA
11:51 <@NathanaelB> WriteToThem
11:51 < mlandauer_> hehe
11:52 < katska> write to them. anyone had contact with vijay lately?
11:52 < mlandauer_> Nope
11:52 <@NathanaelB> TweetMPs guy?
11:52 <@robman> nope...holon
11:52 < katska> yarp
11:52 <@robman> 11 still
11:52 <@NathanaelB> not since publicsphere
11:52 <@robman> Classification schema development ongoing (Nat).
11:52 <@NathanaelB> Yes?
11:52 <@robman> nat - can we relate that to
11:52 < mlandauer_> How does that fit with reusing the UK web app code?
11:52 <@robman> it's all intimately related as far as I can see
11:53 <@robman> or did that just mean FMS classification?
11:53 <@NathanaelB> Yeah part of it is. The stuff I'm working on is specifically related to the classification of issues
11:53 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:53  * robman thought it meant broader taxonomy
11:53 <@NathanaelB> No
11:53 <@NathanaelB> I'm leaving that alone
11:53 <@robman> ah...k
11:53 <@robman> ignore me
11:53 <@robman> 8)
11:53 <@robman> so...12 anyone
11:53 <@NathanaelB> Here, have a beer instead :)
11:54 <@robman> ta
11:54  * robman hits himself on head with beer
11:54 <@NathanaelB> Kat was wandering off to get some Vijay stuff?
11:54 < katska> easy enough to flick a mail to prompt Vijay. can do...
11:54 <@NathanaelB> ok - you're taking the point on that action item?
11:54 < mlandauer_> Next. 13
11:55 < katska> yes.
11:55 < mlandauer_> Sorry did I do that too quickly?
11:55 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:55 <@NathanaelB> Don't make robman cranky :p
11:55 <@NathanaelB> NOW next
11:55 <@NathanaelB> RMIDET
11:55 <@robman> INDEED!
11:55 < katska> a name ...
11:56 < katska> get thinking.
11:56 <@NathanaelB> LiveInterests, MembersInterestsOnline
11:56 < mlandauer_> Kat, you're good at names. Think of something!
11:56 <@NathanaelB> MembersLaidBare
11:56 <@henare> eugh
11:56 < katska> I know. Nothing's coming to me.
11:56 <@robman> dumb question from an outsider - does this relate to myreps?
11:56 <@henare> list discussion?
11:56 < katska> *shudder
11:56 <@NathanaelB> OpenBook
11:56 < mlandauer_> It will
11:56 <@robman> k
11:56 < katska> yarp
11:57  * NathanaelB is postpone hairdresser - we're nowhere near finished
11:57 < katska> next
11:57  * robman loves NathanaelB's hair as it is 8)
11:57 < sarah_stokely> You'll be shaggy and it's our fault /wail
11:57  * henare can't talk
11:57 <@NathanaelB> Mobile OA?
11:57 < katska> how does the app relate to the sunlight foundation work. do we care? is it relevent?
11:58 <@robman> link?
11:58 <@NathanaelB> oh sorry did I skipp someinth?G
11:58 < mlandauer_> I haven't look at the Sunlight stuff.
11:58 < katska> you'll pick that up then?
11:58 < mlandauer_> @katska me?
11:58 < mlandauer_> I can look at it
11:58 < katska> yes please Matthew
11:59 < mlandauer_> Will do
11:59  * robman loves family discussions on irc
11:59 <@NathanaelB> Please add ur name against AI in agenda
11:59 <@NathanaelB> mark in red
11:59 <@NathanaelB> then agenda++;
11:59 < sarah_stokely> Are we up to point 14 yet?
11:59 < katska> done. 14
11:59 <@NathanaelB> yes
11:59 <@NathanaelB> Rob/Nat
11:59 <@robman> k...mlandauer was going to release it into test
11:59  * NathanaelB hands speaking twig to robman
11:59 < sarah_stokely> I am just unsure why mobile apps are a priority? or are they a priority?
12:00 <@NathanaelB> where does it state priority?
12:00 < mlandauer_> haven't released into test yet. Sorry
12:00 < mlandauer_> I wanted to do it yesterday. Ugh...
12:00  * robman thinks sarah has a beepy phone and may not be mobile savvy 8P
12:00 < katska> only priority is hands available to do stuff. expertise.
12:00 <@henare> sarah_stokely: they stop political arguments at pubs
12:00 <@NathanaelB> lol
12:00 <@robman> henare +1
12:00 < sarah_stokely> that would be a shame henare :)
12:00 <@henare> hehe true
12:01 < katska> I'd like to see more political arguments in pubs but that's a completely different agenda item
12:01 < katska> update please!
12:01 <@NathanaelB> Ok, so that release package has ... what?
12:01 <@robman> i did a first version and it's in github
12:01 <@NathanaelB> final? draft? beta? styled? pilot?
12:01 <@robman> first draft - but useable
12:01 < mlandauer_> And I've been useless and not merged it yet. Bad me!
12:01 <@robman> targetted at generic phones
12:01 < mlandauer_> I blame Telstra
12:01 <@robman> me too
12:02 <@robman> once it's in test Nat feel free to make suggestions
12:02 < mlandauer_> 2 weeks without internet! The horror!
12:02 <@NathanaelB> okay
12:02 <@henare> mlandauer_: to deploy into test? developers to test and feeback?
12:02 <@robman> it still needs a general footer
12:02 <@henare> next?
12:02 <@henare> :)
12:02 <@NathanaelB> action item with Matthew to promote
12:02 < katska> not useless - too many things on the go.  can anyone else help?
12:02 <@robman> and we can evolve from there
12:02 <@NathanaelB> then to nat to test, review UI
12:02 < mlandauer_> Not right now
12:02 <@robman> well hopefully more than just you nat 8) but yes
12:02 < mlandauer_> But would like to give Rob and Henare admin rights on the server
12:03 < mlandauer_> So can deploy and break things. :-)
12:03 < katska> yay!
12:03 <@henare> katska: are we back to point 0? ;)
12:03 <@robman> 8)
12:03 < katska> can you add that to the action list Matthew
12:03 <@robman> someone deleted the yay - that was my favourite bit
12:03 <@NathanaelB> robman: can't assign action items to "general public" :p
12:03 < mlandauer_> Okay
12:03 < katska> its back and its bigger
12:04 <@robman> Nat - fair point 8)
12:04 <@robman> <red>YAY!</red>
12:04 <@NathanaelB> So at *least* me, preferably others if you can hunt them down
12:04 < katska> why not?....
12:04 < katska> drag them in off the street I say
12:04  * NathanaelB is waiting on Matthew to amend action items for 14 so we can move on
12:04 < katska> 15?
12:04 <@NathanaelB> increment agenda_pointer
12:04 <@henare> yup
12:05 < sarah_stokely> translate point 15 to sarah-english please? :)
12:05 <@NathanaelB> yeah - that will be an entirely offline discussion - we just need to agree to progress it
12:05 <@robman> sure
12:05 <@NathanaelB> Basically I've written up a bunch of suggestions for what we can do with the OA UI/IA
12:05 < katska> action item. set a date for this.
12:05 < mlandauer_> Yes, I agree. Not the best forum for having this discussion
12:05 <@NathanaelB> Some people seem to think it's viable to implement
12:05 < katska> Nat. call a meeting.
12:05 < sarah_stokely> awesome, i'd like to be involved iwth it. but i can't come to sydney for it.
12:05 <@NathanaelB> So if people agree it's worth discussing then we'll get together to threash it out
12:05 <@robman> not urgent - but valuable ongoing discussion I think
12:06 <@NathanaelB> Henare is the only one who's commented
12:06 <@NathanaelB> (and thank you)
12:06 <@henare> on this point, anyone have any feedback to my email to the list the other day about twfy's visual refresh
12:06 <@henare> not a problem
12:06 <@robman> had a look - I like the geo aware OA promo banner
12:06 <@NathanaelB> snap on nat calling meeting :p
12:06 <@henare> robman: that's been there for a while
12:06 <@robman> oh
12:06 <@robman> 8)
12:06 <@henare> :)
12:07 <@robman> well it's GOOD
12:07  * NathanaelB loads TWFY
12:07 <@NathanaelB> WHOA!!!
12:07 <@henare> uhuh
12:07 <@NathanaelB> ok NEXT
12:07 <@NathanaelB> PublicWhippy
12:07 <@henare> pls reply to list if you do have comments then. next
12:07 < katska> Matthew is out of the room getting power for lappy.
12:07 < mlandauer_> Nothing much to report other than...
12:08  * henare is interested
12:08  * NathanaelB is on edge of seat
12:08 <@NathanaelB> to report than ...
12:08 <@robman> power outage
12:08 < mlandauer_> that I now understand better the relationship between the Hansard and the "Votes and Proceedings" which might have big implications for publicwhip
12:08 < mlandauer_> That came from meeting with Roxanne Missingham
12:08 <@robman> is there a link to help robman understand publicwhip?
12:09 < mlandauer_> Other than that had absolutely no time in the last month to work on it
12:09 < mlandauer_>
12:09 <@robman> ah...ta
12:09 <@NathanaelB> it's part of the content I want to see written for OA :)
12:09 <@NathanaelB> ok so no actions arising?
12:09 < mlandauer_> What do you mean?
12:09 <@robman>
12:09 <@NathanaelB> Did you read my UI proposal?
12:09 < mlandauer_> Yes
12:10 <@NathanaelB> Not the project .. but the voting stuff
12:10 <@NathanaelB> how it all works
12:10 < katska> content does not equal UI
12:10 <@robman> although - doesn't @katska's comments about "party voting" make that redundant?
12:10 < katska> *confused
12:10 < mlandauer_> Me too. What are we talking about?
12:10 <@NathanaelB> robman: were you talking about the dev work or the parliamentary procedure?
12:11 < sarah_stokely> @Nat - sorry, what UI proposal? Did I miss something? :(
12:11 < katska> party voting is something people should know about ... part of public whip. also will be interesting to look at alt data that maybe telling when the time comes. (attendances etc)
12:11 <@robman> katska pointed out (and proved by stats) that ppl are forced to vote on party lines
12:11 < sarah_stokely> <-- not on the dev list
12:12 < mlandauer_> <-- strongly urges @stokely to be on dev list :-)
12:12 <@henare> second
12:12 <@robman> <-- loves the new trend
12:12 <@NathanaelB> sarah_stokely: Just some ideas I had for revising the interface, architecture and content of OA to make it easier to use for beginners plus additional navigation structures and data aggregation stuff
12:12 <@NathanaelB> It's on JIRA if you really want to read it all or I can summarise in an email I send out as part of the meeting invite
12:12 < sarah_stokely> I've emailed you about it Nat, this style of chat is not helping me lessen my confusion. :)
12:12 < katska> @stokely please join list. (action).
12:13 < sarah_stokely> About to put my foot down really hard about how non user friendly this all is starting to feel. :(
12:13 < mlandauer_> @stokely it's pretty low traffic
12:13 < katska> i@stokely will help us see how to move it forward. better discussion if you join and leave than never join.
12:13 < mlandauer_> Just try it and we'll go from there... Please :-)
12:13 <@NathanaelB> 17. State Hansards
12:13 < mlandauer_> If it's bad then unsubscribe
12:14 <@NathanaelB> everyone still in their happy place? :)
12:14 < mlandauer_> Shall we move on?
12:14 <@NathanaelB> yes
12:15 <@henare> yes :) yes
12:15 <@henare> 17
12:15 <@NathanaelB> 17. State Hansards
12:15 -!- mlandauer_ [i=792c7867@gateway/web/freenode/x-8329093f7085af47] has quit ["Page closed"]
12:15 <@henare> mlandauer_: you?
12:15 < katska> more interest has been coming to help get permissions sorted
12:15 <@NathanaelB> ouch
12:15 <@henare> ack
12:15 <@robman> doh
12:15 <@NathanaelB> did we annoy him that muchj
12:15 < katska> via publicsphere gov2.0 taskforce
12:15 <@NathanaelB> yes
12:16 <@NathanaelB> I am not doing ANYTHING with local hansards. That's all trib
12:16 < katska> CPD and a state parliamentary librarian
12:16  * NathanaelB removes his name from against item
12:16 < katska> where is trib?
12:16 <@henare> is anyone doing dev in this area?
12:16 -!- mlandauer [i=792c7867@gateway/web/freenode/x-e0e46cd940d0bc55] has joined #openaustralia
12:16 < katska> you don't want to have anything to do with it?
12:16 <@henare> this can happen in parallel yeah?
12:16 <@NathanaelB> I have added action item I will contact trib
12:16 <@NathanaelB> sarah_stokely: Do you accept action item against your name for Vic hansards?
12:17 <@robman> can @PennySharpeMLC help in NSW?  (not sure where NSW is up to)
12:17 < katska> think once we get one going... hackfests can connect interested parties and development
12:17 < sarah_stokely> i'm not sure what the action is @nat
12:17 < katska> Can she?
12:17 < katska> (to Rob)
12:17 < katska> you met her this week?
12:17 <@robman> @katska - would fit well with her nsw work
12:17 <@NathanaelB> sarah_stokely: Do you know this Darren Sharp?
12:17 <@robman> i think she would
12:18 <@robman> happy to follow up if you want
12:18 < sarah_stokely> No nat, i have not met him before. meeting him in 2 weeks.
12:18 <@robman> would be a nice tangible example of her helping
12:18 <@NathanaelB> ok
12:18 < katska> @robman ok. sounds good. should prolly meet up on this. excellent
12:18 <@robman> cool
12:18 <@NathanaelB> action item against VIC updated
12:18 < katska> @robman will you connect us?
12:19 < sarah_stokely> ok i can look for Vic to help, action accepted.
12:19 <@robman> yop...
12:19 <@robman> i'll dm her then email you both and connect you up
12:19 < katska> good start.
12:19 <@NathanaelB> we'll skip agenda item 18 while Sarah and Kat are with us I suggest?
12:19 <@henare> no problem
12:19 <@henare> 19
12:19 < katska> wow.
12:19 <@henare> actually
12:19 <@henare> 1 second
12:19 < katska> there's an assumption not to make @nat
12:19 <@NathanaelB> And I don't need to be here for that one either :)
12:19 <@henare> there's some organisational bits in my one
12:19 <@henare> that need input from all
12:20 < sarah_stokely> Yeah Kat i hear that. This meeting seems to have voted me non-technical
12:20 <@NathanaelB> Apologies.
12:20 <@henare> re making things public
12:20 < sarah_stokely> Wow indeed :)
12:20 < mlandauer> Hey @nat I think you just offended @kat
12:20 <@henare> sorry all ;-/
12:20 < katska> not offended. amused maybe
12:20 <@henare> mine are quick anyway
12:20 < mlandauer> Okay cool. let's move on. Do we move to 18?
12:20 < mlandauer> Or skip to 19?
12:21 <@NathanaelB> LOL, I'm sorry - didn't mean to offend but didn't think Sarah, Kat and myself wanted to discuss github repository stuff. If you want to, that's fine. My bad.
12:21 < katska> overall more peeps interested in 19. so lets do it
12:21 < mlandauer> Cool
12:21 < katska> :))
12:21 <@henare> I didn't even know there was a mediawiki setup for OA until rob(?) editied it
12:21 <@henare> gah
12:21 < sarah_stokely> Do we know if Trib wants to be involved in 19? Not sure why he's not here today?
12:21 < mlandauer> There's a reason for that. I can explain..
12:21 < katska> did I forget to mail him?
12:22 <@NathanaelB> .. seeing going to technical was shot down earlier in the meeting. So I'm confused. But whatever.
12:22 <@henare> me 2
12:22 < katska> *stroke stroke.... its all fine.
12:22  * robman robman just guessed wiki.OA and assumed it was the right place 8/
12:22 < sarah_stokely> @Nat I think we've just having trouble building a bridge between our levels of tech expertise/interest, that's all. :) I emailed you :)
12:23 <@henare> can we agree to quickly cover 18?
12:23 <@NathanaelB> ok
12:23 < katska> yes please
12:23 <@henare> k
12:23 < katska> ?
12:23 <@henare> everyone happy to standardise on wiki.oa as our wiki
12:23 <@henare> ?
12:23 < mlandauer> The main reason for not publicising the Mediawiki is there is no protection against spamming
12:23 <@robman> so henare - mlandauer had concerns about spam moderation in mw
12:23 <@robman> snap
12:23 < mlandauer> That just needs to get looked at
12:23 <@henare> yes, that's why I raised it
12:24 <@henare> ok, let's take it offline but in principle that's the way we go?
12:24 <@purserj> you can restrict write access in mediawiki
12:24 <@robman> mlandauer - having wiki ping page edits to this channel can help too
12:24 <@robman> works well for uf community
12:24 < mlandauer> I know. it just needs to get looked at and configured
12:25 <@robman> will always need constant gardeners
12:25 < mlandauer> Yes, indeed
12:25 < katska> Matthew can this be delegated?
12:25 <@henare> k, I'll look into it and discuss privately with you two
12:25 < mlandauer> Cool!
12:25 < katska> woooooo!
12:25 <@henare> (i.e. beg for admin rights when required)
12:25 <@henare> next
12:25 <@henare> meetings
12:25 < mlandauer> @henare - get familiar with Chef
12:25  * robman 's eyeballs hurt from the sheer momentum in this meeting 8)
12:25 <@henare> is everyone happy that all of our meetings etc are public?
12:26 < katska> (yes
12:26 < sarah_stokely> does this mean dev meetings or these meetings?
12:26 <@robman> yes
12:26 < mlandauer> Yup
12:26 <@henare> i.e. HD to post this transcript, etc.
12:26 <@henare> and actions, and agenda
12:26 <@henare> these meetings
12:26 <@henare> sarah_stokely: what say you?
12:26 <@robman> so henare you are logging and will post to wiki.OA?
12:27 <@henare> can do
12:27 < katska> if agreed, are you picking that up as well @henare?
12:27 <@robman> cool
12:27 <@henare> already got the page structure there
12:27 <@robman> i can get the bot to do that automatically in the future too
12:27 < sarah_stokely> i think we are still on lookout for a meeting interface that works but the public aspect doesn't bother me :)
12:27 <@henare> just wanted confirmation from all that we're happy they're public
12:27 < mlandauer> @henare - fancy!
12:27 <@henare> robman: great
12:27 < mlandauer> I meant @robman
12:27 <@henare> sarah_stokely: agreed
12:27 <@robman> heh
12:27 <@henare> the page I have there lists the method we use
12:27 <@NathanaelB> fine
12:28 <@henare> and cos it's a wiki, that'll evolve too :)
12:28 < katska> someone may even see the transcript and feel the urge to suggest *a better way* (hint hint)
12:28 <@henare> yup yup
12:28 <@henare> k, next
12:28 <@henare> web site stats
12:28 <@henare> we happy/able to make them public?
12:28 < katska> matthew?
12:28 < mlandauer> Not super easy
12:28 <@henare> this came from a question I had after our news stories
12:29 <@henare> k, low priority but in principle we're happy to
12:29 < mlandauer> There is an API for Google Analytics, but it's work
12:29 <@henare> eugh
12:29 < mlandauer> I suggest low priority
12:29 <@henare> k. happy. next
12:29 <@henare> everyone happy I update all the Resolved tickets to Closed?
12:29 < katska> ok. agreed in principle tech to figure out
12:29 <@robman> +1 lifecycle diagram
12:29 <@NathanaelB> fine
12:29 <@henare> cool
12:29 < mlandauer> On that note...
12:29 <@henare> I'll do those diagrams too, wiki them and mail the list
12:30 < mlandauer> I can remove Resolved as a state in JIRA and have it go straight to closed
12:30 < katska> @henare you will be busy!
12:30 < mlandauer> Something I've been meaning to do for a while...
12:30 <@henare> no, I think that's helpful
12:30 <@NathanaelB> is someone going to add these action items to the agenda ....
12:30 <@henare> I've Resolved the share this thing but the issues isn't closed cos the feature isn't live
12:30  * robman lives vicariously through diagrams
12:30 <@henare> ;)
12:30 <@henare> me
12:31 < katska> *me too but only if I can do them in omnigraffle
12:31 < mlandauer> So close tickets when they're deployed? That makes sense
12:31 <@robman> +1
12:31 <@NathanaelB> unless you split into dev/deploy tickets
12:31 < mlandauer> No, that's too ugly
12:31 <@henare> yup
12:31 < katska> no!
12:31  * NathanaelB is shot down
12:31 <@henare> ;)
12:31 <@robman> nice flames though
12:31 <@NathanaelB> Ok ... let's please wrap this up soon - 90 minutes and counting
12:31 <@henare> cool
12:32 < mlandauer> I agree.
12:32 <@henare> the review process is interesting
12:32 < mlandauer> I need to go back to bed
12:32 <@robman> 8(
12:32 < mlandauer> A lot of work needs to be done there
12:32 <@henare> just popped out of some work I saw Ray and Lachie doing on github
12:32 < katska> shall we agree to write up code review process?
12:32 <@henare> but another time
12:32 < sarah_stokely> shall we postpone item 19 til trib is back with us?
12:32 <@henare> 19
12:32 < mlandauer> Yes, another time
12:32 < katska> can we have another meeting on that subjec with you and trib sarah?
12:33 < sarah_stokely> sure
12:33 < katska> tba
12:33 < katska> I'll action
12:33 < katska> ditto education
12:33 < sarah_stokely> i have my life back after 13 july
12:33 <@NathanaelB> me? If you want
12:34 < katska> anyone interested in that conversation please add your name to item Education
12:34 < katska> any other urgent stuff?
12:34 < sarah_stokely> budget to jacinta for how much of a grant is needed for SAGE?
12:34 < katska> that's a no then?
12:34 < mlandauer> Nothing from me
12:35 <@NathanaelB> SAGE aren't goingto cover all of it are they
12:35 < katska> Have mailed details of flights etc to Jacinta - she has proposed & that's moving forward to cover travel & accom.
12:35 <@NathanaelB> Can we get sposnorship elsewhere?
12:35 <@NathanaelB> Does OA have any $ from donations?
12:35 < katska> hardly anything. we haven't really moved on that.
12:35 < sarah_stokely> i think the additional cost will onlly be if matthew wnats to stay for the rest of the conf? not sure though
12:36 < katska> would love to have funding discussion thread - inc sponsorship ideas.
12:36 < mlandauer> I wasn't planning to
12:36 <@NathanaelB> ok - start one up ... on the dev list, lol
12:36 <@robman> katska +1
12:36  * NathanaelB ducks ... just in case
12:36 < katska> ok - we'll take that to the list :)
12:36 < katska> is that a wrap - aye?
12:36 <@NathanaelB> YES
12:36 <@NathanaelB> thank you all for your time
12:36 <@robman> night all
12:36 < sarah_stokely> think so.
12:36 <@NathanaelB> have a lovely weekend
12:36 < mlandauer> Thank you!
12:37 <@henare> thanks all!
12:37 < katska> you too... thanks everyone!
12:37 <@NathanaelB> relax, don't work too hard (even tho I'm going into the office now)
12:37 < katska> bye
12:37 <@robman> YAY
12:37 <@NathanaelB> rest up Matthew and Kat
12:37 <@henare> meeting closed
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