Meetings Project Meeting 2009 08 01

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Time: Saturday 2009-08-01 11:00 AEST

Place: The beautiful Blue Mountains

Table of Contents


To be confirmed
Attending Henare, Kat, Matthew, Rob
Apologies Sarah, Helen, Nat

Agenda & Actions

Actions from last meeting

Who Action Status
Henare/Matthew/Rob Wiki configuration: Henare, Matthew, and Rob to work on configuration (esp. spam aspect) Kicked off private email thread about wiki to use. Let's discuss again at this month's meeting
Henare Public meetings: Henare to add details to wiki and mail all Done
Henare Public OA traffic stats: Henare to create ticket for tracking Done
Henare Development lifecycle: Henare to update tickets and add diagram Ticket updated Draft diagram created
Henare Code review process: Henare to create draft diagram Incomplete, see [Development_workflow] for a starting point.
Matthew Deploy and test OA mobile Done. Created a few tickets for Rob to work at.
Matthew Give Rob & Henare admin rights to the server Not done yet


0. Yay!

1. Actions Updates (see above)

2. Funding proposals

  • Update from Matthew
  • How do we collaborate on them?

3. Contact email address

  • I propose we reply to all mails (bar trolls, I guess) - let's figure out a way to manage this

4. Wiki again

  • Do we want to resolve to use Confluence?
    • Not Open
    • Large memory usage

5. Public Whip

  • Progress
  • What next?

6. Review other volunteer projects

  • What can we do to help?
  • What can we do to help keep the motivation level up?

Meeting Notes

  • in Nat's absence Henare commiting calendar fix
  • we continue to look for better ways to make sure we're responsive to people taking the trouble to email us. everyone
  • formalize code review process and publicise this. everyone
  • wikis discussed. Keep it simple outcome, stick with what we have and keep version up to date for now. Henare to update verison of wiki at
  • auDA application for planning alerts submitted by Kat and Matthew. Submission acknowledged, and it will be two months before we hear outcome. All docs submitted to go online, permission to be sought for letters of recommendation.
  • OpenAustralia Foundation exists, now pending review from ATO * should have a response before next meeting - Kat will report back
  • We're looking for some office space. Now on council mailing lists for their upcoming available leases. Kat

Upcoming calendar

Matthew giving a talk at the System Administrators Guild

Ongoing - yay! everyone

Sarah organising hackfest in Melbourne - date TBA

IRC Transcript

Due to low numbers, there was no IRC component to this month's meeting.

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