OpenAustralia contacts

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this pages isn't what it sounds like by the title, rather its a list of people we should contact!

For starters there's the Reps themselves!..... oh that's a big list!

For starters I thought the directors of the National Press Club of Australia might be interested in OpenAustralia

Ken Randall President the National Press Club Television presenter specialising in political issues and current affairs (ABC).

Matthew Ricketson VP the National Press Club

Laurie Wilson Treasurer the National Press Club. Political Correspondent Nine Network's Nightline

Misha Schubert Political correspondent for The Age, covering national affairs from the press gallery.

Tony Melville National Public Affairs Adviser to the Australian Industry Group (AIG). Former ABC reporter.

David Speers Sky News Australia’s Political Editor since 2000.

Michael Brissenden Political Correspondent ABC Radio Foreign Correspondent in Moscow and Brussels Political Editor of the ABC TV 7.30 Report since 2003

this lot at the Australian Industry Group

new matilda crikey suspended but maybe they'll return IndyMedia Melbourne

digital eskimo some politically aware designers

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