Setting Up OpenAustralia

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Legal advice on Parliamentary Privilege

We have permission to reproduce with the appropriate citation (approved). However, we need a handle on what our liability could be in republishing the Hansard and how that relates to Parliamentary Privilege in Australia?


Business related legal Advice

We need to form an organisation which I believe needs to be a legal entity, and because it is nationally based (what else could a website be?) this seems to imply that we need to be a company of some sort (Incorporated Association or a company registered under the Corporations Act).

This seems to require a lot of paperwork, which I am somewhat overwhelmed by. ATO: Tax basics for non-profit organisations

Becoming a legal entity with not for profit status

get together directors

check out not-for-profit requirements

and from the ATO perspective

Establish a constitution

Register a company (ASIC)

Apply for an ABN and TAX file number

The basis of the organisation is to be not-for-profit, so we are establishing that in our registration process from the outset. My description of our activities to the DPS clearly expressed our intention to be a public service.

Gain a better understanding of the legal responsibilities of becoming a company

Business license requirements

Directors Liability Insurance

get some! - links?

Become a charity (or find a charitable institution to work with/through)

ATO: Charitable institution definition We would like to function as a charitable organisation. We feel that people should be able to donate money in a tax deductible fashion, and again reinforce our non-partisan public service agenda. I haven't found any charity in this country yet which relates to what we're doing. That's not to say they're not out there! It looks like to do any fundraising we need to get a licence to fundraise. To begin with we need to raise money for hardware software web hosting (we are fortunate to have free hosting to begin with, but this will have limits and we hope OpenAustralia will outgrow it sooner rather than later :) ) .

Registering for fundraising

NSW Government's charity fundraising information DGR information and closeby ATO info on tax exemption.

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