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Summary of proposals made in this venue #18

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Suggestions/Issues about the standard listed on the openbadges-discussion repo

General/about the standard

Identity: Who/what can be a badge earner?

Problems to solve

  • Origin verification @ottonomy asks: How can we enforce a same-origin policy in a way that allows smaller projects to still be able to use 3rd party issuing platforms?

Extensions to the badgeClass

  • Badge JSON file localization @brianloveswords & @thisandagain thinking about ways to indicate that a particular badgeclass (or assertion?) is the fr-fr or en version of the same thing.
  • First draft of badgeClass extension spec @kayaelle's initial idea on badgeClassExtensions. The thrust of the idea is that issuers use standard ways to add metadatato badges, so that the broader ecosystem can develop tools that understand them. For example, a directory that could sort badges by age range targeted because the issuers included identically structured JSON to indicate that information.
  • JSON-schema extension prototype @ottonomy testing some ideas about how to implement @kayaelle's extension idea with JSON-schema: uses an 'extensions' array of JSON objects each with schema and content objects as properties.
  • Schema-hash @ottonomy trying out introducing a SHA1 hash of the schema to ensure accurate versioning, but it's a little kludgy.
  • Location schema example @kayaelle proposing an extension to indicate at what physical or online location a learning experience happens.
  • Age-target schema example @kayaelle on an example of an age target extension that enforces selection from a predefined array of age range possibilities.
  • Signed endorsement of a badge class @ottonomy proposing a method that organizations who wish to offer an endorsement of a badgeclass could provide the issuer a JSON Web Token signature so that the issuer could include it in the badgeClass extensions.

Extensions to other stuff?!?!?!

  • Assertion extension @ottonomy proposing that a similar extension method could apply to the assertion. The example assertion extensions include a signed endorsement (that this particular earner deserves this particular badge) and embedding some text-based evidence (in this case a poem written by the earner proving they have mad poetry chops.)

slow clap here for this round up @ottonomy

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