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Note: Discontinued! The successor is the gradle xcode plugin:

Scripts to build iOS application that can be used with a build server like Jenkins


  • CONFIGURATION (required)

    The configration that should be build e.g. 'Release', 'Debug' or 'Distribution'

  • SDK (required)

    The SDK that should be used e.g. 'iphoneos'

  • TARGET (required)

    The target name that should be build

  • VERSION_NUMBER (optional)

    Version number that should be user for the App file name. If not set the build number is used.

    Note: The Version number is only used for the filename

  • BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER (optional)

    The bundle identifier in the plist is modified using this value if set.

  • KEYCHAIN_PASSWORD (optional)

    Password that should be used for the keychain If not set a default password is used!

  • PROVISIONING (optional)

    Name of the provisioning profile and Certificate file that are used for signing e.g. if you specify "Developer" then a Developer.mobileprovision and Developer.p12 is expected

    If not set, that the app is not signed

  • PROVISIONING_URL (optional but needed for PROVISIONING)

    URL where the provisioning profile is not found. e.g. PROVISIONING_URL=http://localhost PROVISIONING=test then the following files are fetched http://localhost/test.p12 http://localhost/test.mobileprovision

    Note: curl is used to fetch these files therefor als ftp should work (but not tested)


    Password to access the .p12 Certificate file

    If not set, that the app is not signed

  • XCODE_SETTINGS (optional) For setting additional infos to xcodebuild command for example: preprocessor macros

  • HOCKEYKIT (optional) HockeyKit will be used

    A manifest is beeing created. Releasenotes for HockeyKit server page is beeing created (taken from CHANGELOG). If CHANGELOG is not set 'No changes.' will be used.

  • HOCKEYKIT_APP_NAME (optional) Name that is used for displaying on the HockeyKit Server page. If it is not specified but HOCKEYKIT enabled the Target that was build is used as displayed name on the HockeyKit Server page.