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#!/usr/bin/env python2
import logging
import rsb
import rst
import rstsandbox
import rstexperimental
from rst.domotic.unit.dal.PowerConsumptionSensorData_pb2 import PowerConsumptionSensorData
from rst.domotic.unit.location.LocationData_pb2 import LocationData
from rst.domotic.unit.UnitConfig_pb2 import UnitConfig
from import HSBColor
from rst.domotic.state.PowerState_pb2 import PowerState
from rsb.converter import ProtocolBufferConverter, registerGlobalConverter
import time
class HowToGivePowerConsumptionColorFeedbackViaRSB(object):
def __init__(self):
rsb.__defaultParticipantConfig = rsb.ParticipantConfig.fromDefaultSources()
self.hue1 = 240
self.hue2 = 0
self.lasthue = None
self.unit_registry_scope = "/registry/unit/ctrl"
self.location_id = "f0a71f71-1463-41e3-9c9a-25a02a536001"
self.light_id = "8d310f30-d60a-4627-8884-373c5e2dcbdd"
print("Waiting for unit registry...")
with rsb.createRemoteServer(self.unit_registry_scope) as unit_registry:
self.location_scope = self.transform_scope(unit_registry.getUnitConfigById(self.location_id).scope)
print("Found kitchen scope: " + str(self.location_scope))
self.light_scope = self.transform_scope(unit_registry.getUnitConfigById(self.light_id).scope)
print("Found light scope: " + str(self.light_scope))
def transform_scope(self, scope):
build rsb scope out of the given rst scope.
return "/" + "/".join(scope.component)
def run(self):
print("Listening for power consumption events...")
def power_update(event):
#print("Received event: %s" % event)
consumption = event.getData()
if consumption == None:
print 'Null data received. Indicates remote controller shutdown.'
consumption = consumption.power_consumption_state.consumption
print 'consumption is', consumption, 'W (at time', str(time.time()) + ')'
except Exception as e:
print 'received illegal event (' + str(e) + ')'
with rsb.createListener(self.location_scope + "/status") as listener:
while True:
def update_light_color(self, current_consumption=0):
with rsb.createRemoteServer(self.light_scope + "/ctrl") as server:
# compute color value
consumption_color = HSBColor()
consumption_color.saturation = 100
consumption_color.brightness = 100
lowerhue, higherhue = sorted([self.hue1, self.hue2])
doeswrap = (lowerhue - higherhue + 360) < (higherhue - lowerhue)
if doeswrap:
lowerhue, higherhue = (higherhue, lowerhue + 360)
consumption_color.hue = self._linmap(current_consumption, [0, 1000], [lowerhue, higherhue], crop=True) % 360
if consumption_color.hue != self.lasthue:
print 'setting hue %i for power consumption %f W' % (consumption_color.hue, current_consumption)
self.lasthue = consumption_color.hue
def _linmap(self, inputvalue, inputrange, outputrange, crop=False):
Linearly map inputvalue from the inputrange to the outputrange. Convert type (usually int or float) and round if appropriate.
:param inputvalue: A value within inputrange.
:param inputrange: A 2-tuple that specifies the input range.
:param outputrange: A 2-tuple that specifies the output range.
:param crop: If the output value falls outside the outputrange, crop to legal value.
:return: The output value within outputrange and of the same type as the outputrange members.
outputmin, outputmax = outputrange
inputmin, inputmax = inputrange
scale = float(outputmax - outputmin) / (inputmax - inputmin)
ret = (inputvalue - inputmin) * scale + outputmin
if crop:
if outputmin > outputmax:
outputmin, outputmax = (outputmax, outputmin)
ret = max(ret, outputmin)
ret = min(ret, outputmax)
# if the whole outputrange has a certain type, convert the output to that type
if type(outputmin) == type(outputmax):
if type(outputmin) == int: # in case of int, round before casting
return int(round(ret))
else: # otherwise just cast ... should be float but you never know
return type(outputmin)(ret)
return ret
if __name__ == '__main__':
watcher = HowToGivePowerConsumptionColorFeedbackViaRSB()