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The following is kind of outdated!

Location Architecture

This aritecture is developed to support spatial reasoning, device and object transformations and hierarchical controlling of services and units within a Smart Environment.



  • base location_id
  • position
    • translation
    • rotation
  • shape


  • LocationConfig
    • Label
    • Placement
    • Set[Location] children
      • Placement of all Children are included in the parent shape.


  • is a Location
  • Description: Logical spatial partition.
  • Example: home theater, patio, entrance, interaction islands


  • is a Location
  • a zone can not directly contain any units.
  • Has at least one child location
  • a zone can not be a leaf.
  • Description: A set of locations logically associate to on zone.
  • Example: home[garden, house], house[all rooms], ground floor[...], first floor[...], ...


  • is a Location without parent
  • The whole placement must be covered by tiles.


  • is a Region
  • has a defined logical parent location
  • A tile cannot overlap with other tiles.
  • Set[Connection]
  • TileType[Room, Garden]
  • Example: Room, Garden


  • Set[ Tile]
  • ConnectionType[Door, Window, Passage]
  • Implementations
    • Door
      • Set[Unit]
    • Window
      • Set[Unit]
    • Passage
      • Set[Unit]

Spatial Relation

  • Locations organized by a tree structure

    • Nodes: Location
    • Leaf: Region
    • Allows spatial and hierarchical controlling
      • Controlling all devices/units/services in a defined Zone
  • Location are connected via Connections to a graph structure

    • Nodes: Tile
    • Edges: Connection
    • Allows Spatial reasoning
      • path finding
      • Smoke expansion
      • Intrusion detection
      • Air conditioning
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