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Open bases Jekyll Theme

This is a starter template for an open bases jekyll theme, based on these two previous arts:

The goal is that the documentation, although being hosted in a different repository, looks like the main Open Bases documentation. In that any repository can render documentation alongside code in the "docs" folder (or github-pages branch if you prefer) it's a reasonable strategy to, for each repository, copy this template into a folder called "docs" and customize the _config.yml and documentation in the pages folder as appropriate.


1. Get the code

You can clone the repository right to where you want to host the docs:

git clone docs
cd docs

2. Customize

You likely will want to use this theme to build directly on Github Pages for your Open Bases component. This means editing the _config.yml and documentation in the _pages folder as appropriate. You define urls based on the permalink attribute in your pages, and then add them to the navigation by adding to the content of _data/toc.myl.

3. Options

Most of the configuration values in the _config.yml are self explanatory, but we can describe a few here if it's helpful.

  • Theme
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Fixed Navigation
    • True
    • False

4. Serve

Depending on how you installed jekyll:

jekyll serve
# or
bundle exec jekyll serve


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