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Firmware for OpenBCI 8bit system

OpenBCI_8bit_Device Device code for the OpenBCI Board mounted RFduino
OpenBCI_8bit_Host Host code for the OpenBCI Dongle mounted RFduino
OpenBCI_8bit_Library/OpenBCI_8 OpenBCI library for 8bit board Install in your documents/arduino/libraries folder
OpenBCI_8bit_RFduino_Library/RFduino RFduino hardware libraries with custom OpenBCI support Install according to RFduino instructions
OpenBCI_8bit_SD Arduino code for the OpenBCI 8bit Board
OpenBCI_8bit_SDfat_Library/SdFat Install in your documents/arduino/libraries folder

The OpenBCI 8bit system is an open-source biopotential acquisisiton system. It incorporates an ADS1299 (analog to digital converter IC), LIS3DH (triple axis accelerometer), Micro SD card, RFduino radio module, and an ATmega328 with Arduino UNO bootloader. The Device code is for the OpenBCI Board Radio Module, and the Host code is for the OpenBCI Dongle Radio Module. Using the OpenBCI USB Dongle, it is possible to upload the OpenBCI_8bit_streamData_Filter to the target ATmega on the OpenBCI 8bit board. This version implements an optional high pass and 60Hz notch filter using a modified biquad library included.

Copy the Biquad folder to your Documents/Arduino/Libraries folder, and the OpenBCI_8bit_streamData_Filter folder to your Documents/Arduino folder. Select UNO from the boards menue int Arduino IDE, and the correct serial port of the Dongle. All OpenBCI hardware comes flashed with the latest firmware. Upgrading the OpenBCI Board firmware is possible over-the-air using the OpenBCI Dongle. Dongle (Host) and Board (Device) firmware is also upgradable using advanced version of the Arduino IDE and installing custom RFduino libraries included here Copy the RFduino directory from this repository in Arduino
(on Windows, C:\arduino-1.5.4\hardware\arduino)
(on OSX, /Applications/

Note that to use the OpenBCI system, you will generally use the OpenBCI USB Dongle. The dongle requries that you install the FTDI drivers for your particular operating system:

Arduino code developed by Chip Audette, modified by Joel Murphy, Luke Travis, Conor Russomanno. Summer 2014

RFduino code developed by Joel Murphy, Leif Percifield, Conor Russomanno. Summer 2014

this software is provided as is. there is no attached warranty, or any claim of it's functionality. wysiwyg. free to use and share.


Firmware for OpenBCI_8bit Board along with Host and Device code



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