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Open source implementation of the Black & White (2001) video game.
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A reimplementation of the Black & White game engine

What's this?

OpenBlack aims to be an open-source reimplementation of Black & White (2001), an award winning god game by Lionhead Studios.

You still need to have the original game assets in order to use this.


  • Multi-platform: Windows and Linux support.
  • Graphics rendering in modern OpenGL.


You will need the following to build OpenBlack:


Visual Studio 2017 or higher is required.

Generate project files with CMake

You will need to download the above dependencies manually and configure their paths in CMake by defining:


You can then generate project files and compile the project.

Open project with VS2017+ using Ninja

You should be able to open the project folder if you have CMake support installed on VS2017+.


Building has been tested on Ubuntu 19.04 and works fine, however GCC 9.1.0+ is required due to bugs in earlier versions with C++17 std.

Dependencies can be installed simply from apt:

sudo apt install cmake libglew-dev libsdl2-dev libglm-dev

Running cmake . in the project root directory will configure a Makefile with all the required dependencies, make should then build the project.


Documentation on various different file formats used throughout Black and White can all be found in the docs folder in the project root directory.


Contributions are always welcome, whether it's modifying source code to add new features or bug fixes, documenting new file formats or simply editing some grammar.


OpenBlack is released as open source software under the GPL v3 license, see the file in the project root for the full license text.

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