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OpenBMC Release Notes

The OpenBMC project now has a regular release cycle with stable branches starting with the 2.6 release. Prior release tag notes are also listed here for completeness.

Read more about the release process here:

For information on how to checkout a particular branch or tag, see:

OpenBMC Releases

2.9 January, 2021


  • Yocto refresh to "Gatesgarth" 3.2
  • Partial Redfish support for properties from the 2020.1, 2020.2, and 2020.3 Schemas
  • Redfish support for: Dump, Multiple Firmware Image Support
  • Added webui-vue, a web-based user interface built of Vue.js
    • A replacement for phosphor-webui
    • Uses Redfish
    • Ability to easily theme to meet brand guidelines
    • Language translation-ready
    • Improved user experience

Fixes and Known Issues/Limitations:

Security audit results:

2.8 June, 2020


  • Yocto refresh to "Dunfell" version 3.1
  • Redfish support for:
    • full certificate management
    • complete LDAP management
    • full sensor support
    • event service schema
    • task schema
  • Move to Redfish Specification 1.9.0
  • Redfish support for 2020.1 Schemas
  • GUI enhancements:
    • LDAP
    • certificate management
  • mTLS HTTPS authentication
  • Partial PLDM Support
  • Partial MCTP Support

Fixes and Known Issues/Limitations:

  • Enabling and disabling DHCP via Redfish is not working (openbmc/bmcweb #127)
  • LDAP login will fail for users belonging to the redfish group
  • Unable to configure IP address on VLAN interface (openbmc/openbmc #3668)
  • Unable create VLAN via IPMI (openbmc/phosphor-net-ipmid #12)

Security audit results:

2.7 Aug 5, 2019


  • Yocto refresh to "Warrior" version 2.7
  • Removal of Python for footprint reduction: python is no longer required for the meta-phosphor layer and its defaults
  • Finished up KVM over IP: adds the infrastructure to allow KVM sessions through the webui
  • NVMe-MI over SMBus
  • ECC logging for BMC: service to monitor EDAC driver and BMC log
  • Partial PLDM Support
  • Partial MCTP Support
  • Redfish support for: partial Certificates, local user management, partial LDAP, network, event logging, DateTime, boot devices, firmware update, inventory and sensors
  • phosphor-ipmi-flash support: sending firmware images over IPMI, pci-aspeed, and other mechanisms for host-driven updates
  • GUI enhancements: multiple user support, virtual media, KVM

Fixes and Known Issues/Limitations:

  • Yocto Warrior subtree refresh applied (24230)

2.6 Feb 4, 2019

First Release as Linux Foundation Project


  • Yocto refresh to "Thud" version 2.6
  • GUI enhancements: SNMP and Date/Time
  • Serial over Lan
  • IPMI 2.0 support
  • Partial Redfish support
  • Kernel updated to 4.19 LTS

Known Issues/Limitations:

  • Support dropped for the ipmitool nameless option

Release tags with notes prior to release branching

v1.0.5 Aug 23, 2016


  • Cache all inventory properties and preserve inventory during BMC firmware update (#487)
  • Update the power button behavior on Barreleye to:
    • Short press: Only power on. Remove the power off action
    • Long press (>3 seconds): Hard power off

v1.0.4 Aug 8, 2016


  • Kernel version update:
    • Stable release 4.4.16
    • Power button debounce fix for Barreleye
    • Fix for an NCSI race condition that caused the device to not come up (openbmc/phosphor-networkd#18)
  • Load inventory from cache (#487)
  • Start host watchdog timer after magic sequence (openbmc/skeleton#127)
  • Restart REST server when network configuration changes (openbmc/phosphor-rest-server#24)

v1.0.3 Jul 18, 2016


  • Fix issue in Host IPMI inventory due to versioned shared libraries (#423)

v1.0.2 Jul 5, 2016


  • Add ability to perform BMC code update at runtime and get the BMC code update progress through REST
  • Fix event log directory duplication during BMC code update
  • Fix hwmon attribute not being polled after failure

v1.0.1 Jun 27, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Fix encode firmware version in BCD format
  • Handle floating point sensor values
  • Performance improvements to prevent services from failing to start
  • Extend the mapper service startup timeout to ensure it starts up
  • Enable DNS resolution from DHCP

v1.0 Jun 20, 2016


  • Enable one-time vs permanent host boot option
  • Enable handling of host checkstop gpio
  • Handle endianness in IPMI eSEL function
  • Improve IPMI error handling
  • Add IPMI Travis CI
  • Fix host hanging due to inventory upload
  • Fix i2c-tools SRC url syntax
  • Fix sensor attribute reading
  • Fix limit of number of event logs
  • Add adm1278 driver into the Linux kernel by default
  • Automatically restart phosphor service processes
  • Enable out-of-tree kernel device trees
  • Update pflash version
  • Update u-boot version
    • Fix memory corruption
  • Update kernel version
    • Stable 4.4.12 release
    • Pick up i2c completion fix
    • Add power button debounce function for Barreleye
  • Remove development tool rest-dbus from Barreleye image
  • BMC performance improvements

v0.8 May 20, 2016


  • Update pflash version
  • Host console support for local tty mirroring
  • Cap number of event logs at 128
  • BMC boot performance improvements
  • Linux updates:
    • Update to 4.4.10 release
    • Fix network cable link detection
    • Support for VOUT sampling to the adm1275 driver
    • Add eeprom to barreleye device tree
    • Fix OCC sensor activation

v0.7 May 5, 2016


  • Update to kernel 4.4
  • Update to yocto 2.0.1
  • Use upstream pflash



  • Add CPU1 fru data to inventory

v0.6.1 Mar 22, 2016


  • JFFS2 corruption
  • random segmentation faults
  • keep event logs from filling up flash. They are limited to 200K
  • OCC 12core fix
  • PCIe slot presence detect
  • SCU fix for networking issue

v0.6 Mar 7, 2016

New features:

  • Immediate MAC address set via IPMI and REST; no reboot necessary
  • full user setup via REST
  • Boot to RAM filesystem so SOCFlash and pflash can be used from host
  • ADM1278 support
  • Custom LED blink rate
  • inARP support


  • ipmid memory leak
  • SBE reboot issue

v0.5 Feb 17, 2016

New Features:

  • Automatically run fsck to avoid file system corrupt
  • Full LAN get/set support via REST and ipmitool
  • User setup via REST support
  • NCSI driver enhancements
  • Virtual UART; improved hconsole
  • Persistent event logs
  • Persistent UUID based on /etc/machine-id
  • Full LED support

v0.4 Feb 4, 2016

New Features:

  • Persistent file system
  • network configuration is persistent across boots and flashing
  • LAN set functions
  • Selectable flash update (u-boot, initramfs, kernel, settings)
  • fw utils for update u-boot environment variables
  • power capping and measurements
  • power restore policy


  • Currently using ext4 for R/W file system. Need to migrate to JFFS which is designed for flashes and more resilient to AC power loss. Please 'poweroff' BMC before pulling AC power for now

Missing Functions:

  • Persistent event logs
  • LAN get functions
  • User set/get functions
  • Proper LED representation

v0.2 Dec 4, 2015

Release Notes:

  • Added CPU thermal sensors (/org/openbmc/sensors/temperature/cpu0 and 1)
  • Added full soft power off and reset support from host or BMC
  • Reboot issue fixed
  • Power button fixed
  • Network crash issue fixed
  • Added delete event log from REST
  • Cleaned up inventory
  • consistent states
  • io_board fru is populated from eeprom

Known issues:

  • OCC driver unloading and loading prints harmless error messages to console
  • About 1 out of every 5 boots you will see the ftgmac driver print out a trace stack. This appears to be harmless, but we are investigating

Not supported:

  • Sensor thresholds
  • Setting boot options through REST